Beam Focus Capsules Review – My 30-Day Experience

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So many of us are struggling to simply get by day-to-day. I know that for me personally, I find it difficult to stay focused, whether I’m at work or at home. I don’t have the energy that I need to remain productive, and this was showing across all aspects of my life.

Beyond that morning cup of coffee to help wake me up or the multivitamin that promises to boost my energy levels naturally, I was in search of a product that would help bring my energy levels up to a more impressive level. I came across Beam Focus Capsules, which piqued my interest. And, since I take Beam Dream and Beam The One (for relaxation), I thought I'd give this CBD nootropic a 30-day test trial!

After giving this product a try, I wanted to share with you my experience. Let’s get started by looking at the good and the bad, as well as comparing this product to some of the other alternatives that are out there.

BIG Takeaways Before Buying

  • Provides both physical and mental benefits thanks to nano-hemp, nootropics, herbs and antioxidants.
  • Doesn’t contain any THC thanks to a proprietary extraction method.
  • The brand uses third-party testing.
  • You can take two capsules per day, as needed. You probably want to take them earlier in the day to prevent feeling wide awake at night.
  • Other products are available from Beam that can help support a restful night’s sleep
  • Several different adaptogens, like ashwagandha and lion’s mane can help your body adapt better to stress.

Beam Focus Capsules - My Review

Personally, I find that I become more distracted and unable to focus the more tired I get. As stress continuously piles onto my plate, I get less and less done. While it might sound like a great idea to scale back and reduce this stress, there is far too much that needs to get done for this to be possible. My goal of using a product like Beam Focus Capsules was to reduce the way that stress was impacting my body and mind while increasing my energy levels in a way that wasn’t going to make me feel jittery or like my heart was pounding out of my chest.

How I Found Beam Focus

I was talking to a friend of mine one day at the gym, and he told me about this new product that he had been taking for a few weeks. He was very adamant that it made him feel energized all morning and afternoon without keeping him up at night. I expressed my concerns, as I’ve tried some pre-workout supplements and other products that increased my energy but also my anxiety.

Beam Focus Capsules are different, I was told. The great thing about this product is that it includes ingredients that improve energy while also helping your mind and body feel calm and ready for any stress that comes your way. I was intrigued, and this product stayed on my mind for the next few days.

Why I Decided to Give It a Try

A busy week at work was just about pushing me to the edge of feeling like I was overwhelmed and couldn’t possibly take anything else on. Upon having a panic attack one day after coming home from a busy day at work and having to immediately start juggling dinner and my kid’s activities, I decided to give Beam Focus Capsules a try.

I ordered my first bottle of Beam Focus Capsules, ready to see what it had to offer. I wasn’t sure if it was going to provide me with immediate results or if this was the type of product that I would need to take for a number of weeks before noticing a difference. Either way, I was ready to get back to feeling energized, focused, motivated and more like myself.

My 30-Day Detailed Experience

holding the cbd nootropic supplement

Day 1-5:

The first thing I noticed upon receiving the Beam Focus Capsules was the sleek packaging. The instructions were clear, and I took my first capsule with breakfast. During the first five days, I didn't notice any significant changes. I was slightly skeptical but reminded myself that sometimes supplements take a while to show their effects.

Day 6-10:

Around the sixth day, I started to feel a subtle difference. My mind felt clearer, and I found it easier to concentrate on tasks. I wasn't sure if it was a placebo effect or the capsules working their magic, but I was pleased with the improvement.

Day 11-15:

By the two-week mark, the effects became more pronounced. I felt more alert and less easily distracted. My productivity at work increased, and I felt less fatigued by the end of the day.

Day 16-20:

During this period, I started to understand the hype around nootropics. I felt like I was thinking faster, my memory seemed sharper, and my overall mood was more upbeat. The CBD component seemed to help with the occasional anxiety I felt due to work pressures.

what the capsules look like

Day 21-25:

While the benefits remained consistent, I did start to question the cost. I did some research and found that Beam Focus Capsules were on the pricier side compared to other CBD nootropics on the market.

Day 26-30:

As my trial month came to an end, I reflected on my overall experience. While I genuinely felt the benefits of the capsules, the high price point was a significant consideration for me.

Rating: 4.4/5

The Beam Focus Capsules undoubtedly improved my focus, memory, and overall cognitive function. The addition of CBD also seemed to help with managing stress. However, I deducted 0.6 points because of the cost. It's a premium product, and while the quality and effects are 100% real, the price might be a stretch for a lot of people.

Would I Purchase Again?

Given the benefits I experienced, I would consider purchasing Beam Focus Capsules again. However, the price is a factor, and I would likely look for discounts or deals to make it more affordable.

Better Energy Throughout the Day-Did It Work?

My energy levels were really suffering when I first started taking Beam Focus Capsules. I was sleeping alright at night, but I was still waking up feeling exhausted. That fatigue was sticking with me throughout the day. Beam Focus Capsules provide energy by way of CoQ10, ginseng, nano hemp and more.

I started by taking this product first thing in the morning with my breakfast. I wanted to give it plenty of time to wear off in case it made me feel over-energized and prevented me from getting adequate sleep at night. I didn’t have that problem, but I did find that I was able to stay energized and focused throughout my entire morning and afternoon at work, in addition to getting my workout in during lunch.

Better Focus When Working: Did It Work?

I was impressed with the effects I achieved from Beam Focus after just trying it for a few days. The nano hemp in the product is supposed to support mental wellbeing, a better mood and less stress. You also receive this support from ingredients such as ashwagandha, lion’s mane functional mushrooms and rhodiola root. The gingko biloba is what helps support memory and cognitive function. I’ve tried other products with these ingredients, but this combination seemed to work really well to reduce that overwhelmed and overstimulated feeling that I was experiencing on an ongoing basis. I was able to focus on one task at a time.

2 Capsules, Easy to Take

Rather than having to deal with messy pre-workout drinks or energy shot drinks, you simply take two capsules of Beam Focus per day. It’s super convenient and easy. I didn’t notice any kind of side effect, like stomach upset, which some people can experience.

Customer Reviews

There are some raving reviews featured on the Beam website. I enjoyed reading about people who were in the same position as me: running on empty, taxing their adrenals and expecting their body and mind to run like machines. All of the issues that the body experiences from prolonged stress were addressed by the use of this product. This includes inflammation, stress hormone imbalances and much more. This product has a 4.37 rating out of 5 stars.

What I Like About Beam Focus

I love that this product is made using all-natural ingredients that are very safe and effective. The blend that Beam has chosen uses ingredients that are in a lot of other products, but there are some key differences. The brand puts a lot of attention into the extraction process they use for their ingredients. Third-party testing is used to confirm the safety and integrity of this product. Also, Beam Focus covers a lot of different aspects of your health, such as your focus, energy, mood, productivity and motivation.

What I Don’t Necessarily Like

While I did feel like I could focus more on work and home life, I feel like that might have come more from the adaptogens that are in this product. Feeling calmer and less stressed helps me with my focus and motivation.

What Makes Beam Focus Capsules Stand Out From Other Nootropic Supplements?

This is a much higher quality of hemp than you’ll find with other supplement brands. That being said, the pricing is pretty similar to other products, so you’re getting good value from Beam Focus.

Beam cares about breaking the stigma associated with hemp products. Their goal is to produce high-quality supplements, but they also focus on educating people on how their ingredients and products work.

Other CBD Nootropics to Consider

Interested in some other nootropic-based products? Here are some alternatives.

1-DB Overdrive by 1st Phorm

This thermogenic supplement from 1st Phorm was designed to help you elevate your performance in the gym, allowing you to feel more tuned in to what you’re doing. It has a bit more of a fitness approach to it than Beam Focus, with 1st Phorm advertising that this supplement raises your core body temperature and increases your resting metabolic rate, so you force your body to use stored body fat as fuel.

The ingredients in 1-DB Overdrive are a little different than what Beam offers. Included in this formula are bitter orange extract, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, Dynamine, TeaCrine and caffeine. If you don’t mind the caffeine added to this product, you might find it beneficial.

Learn more!

Thesis Nootropics

Thesis takes a more customized approach to their nootropic supplement. After completing a brief quiz, you receive a starter kit with four different blends to get you started. You are also paired with a wellness coach and various nootropic experts who will help you throughout your journey.

Thesis nootropics are designed to help you feel more energized, increase motivation, reduce brain fog and increase focus. Ingredients include alpha-GPC, gingko biloba, citicoline, theobromine, mango leaf, lion’s mane mushrooms and vitamin B12.

Learn more!

My Recommendation

I'm not in the business of recommending a product to my friends, family or readers of our blog. I simply enjoy sharing my experiences. I believe that some people would benefit from Beam Focus and others would not. Based on my experience taking it, I will give you my recommendations of who may want to consider trying it and who shouldn't.

Go With Beam Focus If…

  • You’re looking for a very natural and safe approach to increasing your focus and improving your mental state as a whole.
  • You want some thing that is caffeine-free.
  • The reputability of a brand is important to you. Beam uses third-party testing, top extraction processes and other methods of producing one of the best nootropic supplements on the market.
  • You want to increase your energy without being up all night.
  • You’re avoiding jitters or an afternoon crash.

Do Not Go With Beam Focus If…

  • You’re interested in a product that includes caffeine.
  • You are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients that are included.
  • Affordability is a concern, and you need something cheaper ($85 for a one-time purchase).
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