Nature Made vs Ritual Prenatal Vitamins – Which Is Better?

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Embarking on the journey of motherhood comes with its fair share of decisions—each as crucial as the next. From choosing the softest baby blankets to picking the right stroller, every choice feels monumental. But perhaps one of the most vital decisions is the one we make even before our little ones arrive: selecting the right prenatal vitamin. With shelves lined with endless options, how does one choose?

In my quest for the best, I trialed two popular contenders: Ritual Prenatal Vitamins and Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins. Both came with their highs and lows, and in this article, I'll share my detailed experiences with both, diving deep into factors like taste, digestibility, ingredient transparency, and overall wellness support.

Here's what you can expect from this article:

  1. A Detailed Breakdown: A week-by-week account of my experiences with both brands.
  2. Pros & Cons: An honest list of what worked and what didn't for each vitamin.
  3. My Rating For Each Product: My personal rating for both brands on a scale of 1-5.
  4. Tips for Choosing: A few pointers on what to consider when picking a prenatal vitamin for your unique journey.

Join me as I unravel my month with Nature Made and my subsequent transition to Ritual, shedding light on what made one brand stand out over the other.

Overview of Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

Providing all of the essential vitamins and minerals that are needed during pregnancy, Ritual’s product line includes an Essential Prenatal Multivitamin. It’s a relatively basic formula, consisting of 12 different key nutrients. Ritual places a great deal of value on the quality of ingredients that they use. Everything is clean, traceable and highly bioavailable.

Ritual has opted to include some components in their prenatal that aren’t always in other similar products. For example, this supplement is high in omega-3s sourced from algae. Choline provides cognitive support not only for mom, but also for the brain development of baby. Vitamin D3 from lichen is included, which is higher quality than the traditional cholecaliferol variety. Not all prenatals include iron, but Ritual features a chelated inclusion that’s easy on the stomach but still helps with ample oxygen support for mom and baby.

Ritual advertises that this product can also be used prior to pregnancy. Many medical professionals suggest taking a prenatal supplement at least three months prior to becoming pregnant. This can help decrease the risk of pregnancy complications and developmental issues.

My Experience With Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

Before discovering Ritual Prenatal Vitamins, I was on a mission. The world of prenatal supplements is vast and, honestly, a bit overwhelming. Between advice from friends, countless online forums, and recommendations from my ob-gyn, I was swimming in options.

One evening, while indulging in a pregnancy craving (hello, pickles and ice cream!), I stumbled upon a mommy vlogger on YouTube who was raving about her experience with Ritual Prenatal Vitamins. She mentioned their transparency in ingredients, sustainable approach, and the fact that they're designed with both mom and baby in mind.

Curious, I dove deeper and visited Ritual's website. The clear breakdown of ingredients and the science-backed explanations made me feel reassured. Plus, their community reviews were overwhelmingly positive. It felt like I had struck gold!

I decided to take the leap and order my first bottle. The rest, as they say, is history. My baby and I have been thriving ever since!

ritual prenatal multivitamins

Week 1-2:

So, embarking on this pregnancy journey, my nesting instincts kicked in early. First stop? Getting those nutrients right with Ritual Prenatal Vitamins. I must say, for a mom-to-be with a heightened sense of smell, I'm relieved these don’t have that funky aftertaste. Baby and I approve!

Week 3-4:

Ever heard of the pregnancy glow? Well, I think mine got a jumpstart! Maybe it's the vitamins, maybe it's the hormones, but I’m radiating positivity. My energy is more consistent, and I've managed to stay active. Plus, every time I take my vitamin, it feels like a tiny bonding ritual with my little one.

Week 5-6:

Navigating pregnancy cravings is one thing, but dealing with an unpredictable tummy is another! Thankfully, these vitamins are gentle on my stomach. No unwanted surprises. And mentally? I feel more grounded and focused, which I'm sure my growing baby appreciates.

Week 7-8:

Doctor's visit went splendidly! Got the thumbs up on my iron levels and overall health. It's a comfort knowing that while I'm taking care of myself, I'm also giving the best to my baby. Plus, let’s not ignore the unsolicited "you're glowing" comments. I've decided to bask in them!

Week 9-10:

This journey with Ritual has become a cherished part of my pregnancy routine. The small act of taking my vitamin has become a moment of pause and connection with the tiny life inside me. I feel well-nourished, balanced, and ready for the adventures ahead.


  • Made with traceable ingredients
  • Doesn’t contain anything artificial.
  • Basic, OB/GYN-recommended formula
  • Essenced capsules for easy consumption
  • Eligible For FSA/HSA Reimbursement


  • Some ingredients are included at doses exceeding the recommended daily limit.
  • Ritual doesn’t advertise that this product can or should be used post-pregnancy.

Overall Rating:

On the mommy-to-be scale, I would rate Ritual Prenatal Vitamins a 4.6/5. They've made this phase of my pregnancy smoother and more vibrant. The capsules are easy to swallow and they are mint essenced, which makes it a nice after taste.

Would I purchase Ritual Prenatal Again?

Absolutely! Taking care of my baby starts with taking care of myself, and these vitamins are now a key player in my self-care squad.

What Separates Ritual Prenatal From Nature Made Prenatal?

The Ritual Prenatal formula includes fewer ingredients than what’s included in Nature Made’s product. However, we feel that Ritual brings a more reputable and transparent product to the table.

Overview of Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin Folic Acid + DHA Softgels are designed to support a healthy pregnancy, promote proper fetal brain development and provide nutrients that are key for the development of a healthy nervous system and skeletal system. Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins are formulated with all of the vitamins and minerals that are frequently missing from the American diet, including vitamins A, C, D and E and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Only one softgel is needed per day when you’re using Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins. However, they haven’t flavored or essenced their product. If you’re dealing with morning sickness or nausea, you may find it a bit hard to keep it down.

My Experience With Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins

Before fully committing to Ritual Prenatal Vitamins, I gave Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins a whirl for a month. Now, don't get me wrong, Nature Made had its merits. Here's a breakdown of my experience with both:

nature made prenatal vitamins


  1. Trusted Brand: I've known Nature Made for years, and their reputation gave me confidence.
  2. Essential Nutrients: Felt good knowing I was getting key nutrients like folic acid, iron, and calcium.
  3. Availability: I could easily find them at my local drugstore, which was super convenient.


  1. Size & Taste: The pills were a bit on the larger side and had a distinct taste that, with my heightened pregnancy senses, wasn't always pleasant.
  2. Digestive Concerns: Occasionally, I experienced slight nausea after taking them, especially if I didn't pair them with a meal.

Transitioning to Ritual Prenatal Vitamins:

After my month with Nature Made, I transitioned to Ritual. Here's why Ritual became my top pick:

  1. Gentle on the Stomach: No more queasiness! Ritual's formulation agreed with my digestive system, which was a huge win.
  2. Transparency: Their clear breakdown of sourced ingredients gave me peace of mind. Knowing exactly what I'm putting into my body and where it comes from felt empowering.
  3. Taste & Size: The no-fishy aftertaste (it's actually mint, or you can choose Citrus Essenced) and the more manageable pill size made the daily intake a more pleasant experience.
  4. Holistic Approach: Ritual seemed more in tune with the modern mom's needs, focusing not just on basic nutrients but also on overall wellness.

While Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins were effective and I did feel nourished during my trial, Ritual's comprehensive approach, transparency, and user-friendly experience made it my top choice. Every mom-to-be has unique needs and preferences, and for me, Ritual just felt like the right fit for this precious journey.

Overall Rating

I'd rate Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins a 3.5 out of 5. They offer essential nutrients and come from a trusted brand. However, the pill size, taste, and occasional digestive concerns were factors that affected my overall experience. While they served their purpose for that month, I found Ritual Prenatal Multivitamins to align more closely with my personal preferences.

It's worth noting that ratings are subjective and can vary from person to person based on individual experiences and needs.

What Separates Nature Made Prenatal From Ritual Prenatal?

  • There are 20 different ingredients in Nature Made Prenatals, whereas Ritual offers 12 in their product.
  • Nature Made has included DHA in this supplement, along with folic acid. Ritual has used the folate form of folic acid to make it more bioavailable.
  • Nature Made is a brand that’s found in a lot of different retail stores, drug stores and pharmacies. You can also purchase this product online if you wish.

Comparison Section

While Ritual and Nature Made have both created a prenatal product that can be used prior to and during pregnancy, these are actually two very different products when you take into consideration quality, purity and transparency. Let’s compare these two products to see how they match up.

Comparing Formulas

Ritual Essential for Women Prenatal Multivitamin is comprised of 12 different ingredients that mom and baby benefit from during pregnancy. You can also use this product leading up to pregnancy to ensure that you are meeting all of your nutritional requirements for a healthy and safe nine months.

Ritual pays close attention to the quality of their ingredients, ensuring bioavailability. They have included folate in their product, which is more readily absorbed by most women than the traditional folic acid that is in many other multivitamins, including Nature Made Prenatal.

Comparing Brands

Ritual has been around for a few years, but they have a very strict set of standards that they hold themselves to, regardless of how new they are. Leading scientists on the Ritual Team search for the very best ingredients to include in some of the most innovative formulations that are out there. To confirm that every product meets Ritual’s expectations, third-party testing is used. There is even a certificate of traceability for each Ritual product, including their Essential Prenatal.

Nature Made is a well-known supplement brand that has been around since 1971. The brand was created as an alternative to prescription medication, proving that nutrition is incredibly important. Their process involves using vitamins and ingredients that are USP-verified whenever possible. However, that means that not everything used is USP-verified. The brand doesn’t mention anything about third-party testing their products, which include over 150 different items to date.

Comparing Price

The price for Ritual Essential for Women Prenatal Vitamin is currently $39 for a one-time purchase of a 30-day supply. At the time of writing this article, there was a 25% off promo code for your first order.

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamin with Folic Acid and DHA retails for $25.29 for a one-time purchase of 60 capsules. You can also find this product on other sites or in stores. Amazon is currently selling it for a little less, depending on how big of a bottle you want to buy.

Main Differences Between Ritual and Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins

I think quality definitely stands out when you’re comparing Ritual and Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins. Ritual seems to put a lot more attention into sourcing the highest-quality ingredients possible. They use rigorous testing to make sure they’re selling an exceptional product. I like that it’s a relatively basic prenatal that allows you to get plenty of other nutrients from the foods that you’re eating throughout your pregnancy.

Nature Made definitely brings experience to the table. They’ve been around for decades, but their brand just seems to lack a little bit in the way of quality. It’s important to note that their prenatal vitamin contains some ingredients that you may want to avoid, such as tocopherols, resin, soybean oil, gelatin and glycerin.

The price point of Nature Made’s Prenatal Vitamin may be a little lower than Ritual’s version of a prenatal, but this is a key time in your life when you’ll want to invest in something you can trust.

Which Is Better: Nature Made Prenatal or Ritual Prenatal?

Ritual provides you with 12 of the most important key nutrients that you and your baby need during pregnancy. It’s also adequate to take this product leading up to becoming pregnant as well. We should also mention that Ritual offers a postnatal multivitamin as well, which is formulated a little differently for once the baby has arrived.

It’s important to note that Ritual is a formula that has been approved by more than 150 different trusted OB/GYNs. Its delayed-release capsule design ensures that you’re able to absorb all of the nutrients that are in each dose. We love that their ingredients are traceable, potent and pure.

My Recommendations

It’s always a good idea to speak with your midwife or OB/GYN to find out what they recommend in regard to a prenatal vitamin. If you’re trying to decide between Ritual’s Essential for Women Prenatal Vitamin and Nature Made Prenatal with Folic Acid and DHA, take a look at our breakdown of features:

Choose Ritual Prenatal If…

ritual prenatal multivitamins
  • You’re looking for exceptional quality.
  • Positive reviews are important to you.
  • Traceable ingredients provide you with peace of mind, knowing you’re putting something safe into your body and your baby’s body.
  • You’re dealing with morning sickness and nausea. The essenced capsules will be pleasant to take.
  • You’re looking for methylated folate as 5-MTHF

Choose Nature Made Prenatal If…

nature made prenatal vitamins
  • You’re looking for a budget-friendly prenatal vitamin.
  • You want to shop with a brand that has decades of experience.
  • You want a prenatal formula with as many nutrients as possible.
  • You desire one capsule per dose.
About the Author Lynn Rose

Lynn is a mom of 2 young kiddos (ages 5 and 7 / girl and boy). When she's not playing mom, she's hard at work, testing supplements and reviewing them. She loves sipping on a lemonade by the pool rocking out to 90s hits.

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