FLO Vs. goli PMS Gummies: Which Is Better For PMS Relief?

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If you're anything like me, you've probably scoured the internet for a magical remedy to help you survive those monthly mood swings and cramps. In my quest to find the ultimate PMS relief, I stumbled upon two promising contenders: FLO PMS Gummies and Goli PMS Gummies.

As someone who's no stranger to the rollercoaster of emotions that Aunt Flo brings to town, I decided to embark on a little taste test and PMS relief results showdown to determine which of these chewable superheroes reigns supreme. So, fasten your seatbelts, because it's time for my personal face-off between FLO and Goli PMS Gummies.

I'm just your regular mom of two, with a penchant for candied remedies, so I'm not pulling any punches in this match-up. I'll be sharing my unfiltered experience, from the moment I popped the first gummy to the sweet relief (or lack thereof) that followed.

Will FLO's special blend of ingredients have me dancing with joy during my next period, or will Goli's formula prove to be the ultimate PMS-buster? Stick around and join me in this quirky PMS gummy showdown to find out which one reigns supreme in the battle of the PMS candies. Let the taste test commence! 

BIG Takeaways Before Buying FLO or Goli PMS Gummies

  • FLO PMS gummies can alleviate symptoms during the week before your period, but they also have the potential to make your period less severe as well.
  • There are mixed reviews for FLO PMS gummies. Some women find they work very well for things like breast tenderness and cramping, but not so much for mood swings and bloating. Other women experience the opposite.
  • A proprietary blend of chasteberry, lemon balm, dong quai and vitamin B6 makes up the formula for FLO PMS gummies.
  • Goli Women’s PMS Relief gummies are formulated with an herbal blend of chasteberry, dandelion root, dong quai, lavender extract and vitamin B6.
  • Women’s PMS Relief gummies are frequently sold out on the Goli website, but you may be able to secure them elsewhere.
  • Goli’s PMS product can alleviate a lot of symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, bloating and constipation.

All About FLO PMS Gummies

FLO PMS gummies are a unique combination of nutrients and herbal ingredients. Designed to help regulate your hormones and menstrual cycle, women have successfully used this product to boost their energy levels during the week leading up to their period, reduce mood swings, eliminate food cravings and reduce bloating. Scientifically formulated, Flo turned to a number of clinical studies to come up with the most potent PMS product around. Reviews on the brand’s website express that this product has even worked for women with extreme pain from endometriosis.

flo pms gummies on counter

The Formula

FLO PMS gummies contain vitamin B6 at 20mg per dose. It’s recommended that you don’t exceed 100mg of vitamin B6 per day. Vitamin B6 has the potential to thin out the lining of the uterus, which would lead to less bleeding during your period. This alone can fix a number of the problems that many women experience prior to and during their period, such as cramping, low energy, etc.

Chasteberry is powerful for women’s reproductive health. It’s a commonly used ingredient in PMS, period and menopause-focused products because of its ability to decrease pain in the breasts, mood swings and night sweats. It also helps regulate the menstrual cycle. If you’ve ever had an irregular cycle, then you know how much that can worsen your PMS and period symptoms.

Similar to ginseng, dong quai is a root that has antispasmodic properties. If you frequently experience severe cramping and discomfort during PMS and your period, this is an ingredient to look for in a women’s health supplement.

Lemon balm is also included in GLO PMS gummies, to potentially reduce cramping, digestive upset and even help you feel calmer.


  • Made with a very specific formula that consists of beneficial and well-studied ingredients.
  • Tastes great
  • Affordably priced
  • Also comes in capsule form.
  • Can relieve a lot of the symptoms associated with PMS (bloating, mood swings, low energy).


  • You have to take two gummies per serving, which may be a little overwhelmingly sweet.
  • It’s recommended that you take this product for a few menstrual cycles to see if it’s going to work.

What Separates FLO from Goli PMS Gummies?

The formula for FLO gummies is slightly different than what Goli brings to the table. Goli doesn’t use lemon balm in their product.

You may have an easier time finding FLO PMS gummies on store shelves.

Also, Goli doesn’t give you the option of using a capsule-based product if you’re not interested in gummies.

All About Goli PMS Gummies

Goli PMS gummies are a very simple and natural product that is designed to reduce symptoms during PMS. Just some of the symptoms that the brand claims you can improve with regular use of their product include mood swings, tenderness in the breasts, bloating, cramping, back pain, low energy and irritability. Goli even discusses how their supplement can support normal nervous system function, which can help your body better deal with the fluctuations in hormones that are occurring leading up to your period.

We like how Goli has kept a very simple concept for their gummies. They’ve included some of the most well-researched ingredients that are common in PMS and period-relief supplements. Some of these ingredients, such as dandelion root extract, have been used medicinally for centuries.

pms relief gummies by goli

The Formula

The formula for Goli PMS gummies is similar to FLO’s gummies. However, there are some key differences. Lavender extract is included, which has great potential for cramping. It can also reduce bleeding during your period and reduce inflammation that may be present leading up to the bleeding phase.

Goli has also included vitamin B6 in their product for nervous system health and energy.

Chasteberry is included for mood-related symptoms like irritability and unstable moods.

Dong quai has the potential to relieve cramping during PMS and during your period.

Dandelion extract can reduce bloating, which so many women experience during PMS. It also helps keep your digestive system moving, which can reduce any constipation you experience from fluctuating hormones.


  • Made using a very natural and basic formula.
  • Contains lavender extract, which can be beneficial for cramping and inflammation.
  • Addresses nervous system health
  • Free from many major allergens, gluten, synthetic ingredients, etc.


  • Typically sold out on the Goli website.
  • Doesn’t come with an option for capsules.

What Separates Goli From FLO PMS Gummies?

Goli PMS gummies contain substantially less vitamin B6 than what you’ll find in FLO’s product. Less may be more for some women, but you might not see results from Goli gummies if your body would benefit from a higher amount.

Comparison Section

Let’s see how Goli PMS Relief gummies compare to FLO PMS gummies.

Comparing Formulas

The formulas for these two products are somewhat similar, with a few differences. For example, FLO contains more vitamin B6 in their product. Also, Goli has added lavender extract to their product. There’s isn’t any lemon balm in Goli PMS Relief gummies, whereas there is some in the FLO proprietary blend (we don’t know how much exactly because it’s not listed).

Comparing Price and Overall Value

The current price of FLO PMS gummies is $34.99 for a one-time purchase. You can save a few dollars if you subscribe and save, bringing the cost to $27.99.

You can purchase Goli PMS Relief gummies for $14.99. However, it tends to be sold out online. Check out stores like Target or Vitacost.

Because the formulas for these products are somewhat the same, Goli appears to be the more affordable option. Their product covers a lot of the symptoms associated with PMS and menstruation. However, FLO also has a versatile product that can make you feel better each month.

Comparing Taste

Both of these products are gummy-based (unless you opt for the capsule version of FLO’s product), so they have a very candy-like flavor. They both contain three grams of sugar in each dose.

Reviews state that FLO PMS gummies have a very maple-like flavor that is very sweet. Goli gummies use fruit and vegetable juice along with sugar to sweeten and flavor them, so expect more of a tropical or fruit punch flavor.

Comparing Results After Using Them

FLO is very transparent about the fact that you need to use their product for a couple of months before you see results. Goli doesn’t discuss this on their website, but we would assume that the time period would be the same since this is a similarly formulated product.

Reviews for both of these products claim that relief has been achieved from things like breakouts (clearer skin is actually a very common opinion), cramping and mood swings. Unfortunately, Goli doesn’t include reviews on their website, so you have to do some digging on various retail sites to see what women experienced. FLO definitely has the higher-rated product.

Main Differences Between FLO and Goli PMS Gummies

The main difference between FLO and Goli PMS gummies is that Goli uses lavender extract and skips lemon balm, which is actually a very powerful ingredient to use during PMS.

FLO offers the option of purchasing their product in capsule form, which is nice if you decide that you’re sick of taking two gummies each day and want another option.

The price point is a little different between these two products, but we think they’re both relatively affordable.

Which Is Better - Goli or FLO PMS Gummies?

Upon looking into these two products in great detail, we think that FLO PMS gummies are the better option. We like the formulation better, and we also like the transparency of the FLO brand. Goli has a good product as well, but there seem to be more reviews and more backing behind the FLO brand.

My Recommendations:

Choose Goli PMS Gummies If…

If you’ve done your research and like the potential benefits of lavender extract and dandelion, Goli is the better option. Lavender can help with cramping, and dandelion is great for constipation and GI issues. If these two things don’t apply to you, you might find more relief in something else.

Choose FLO PMS Gummies If…

You are looking for a well-rounded PMS supplement that can regulate your periods and reduce some of the unpleasant symptoms that you’ve been dealing with for months or even years. This product has a very natural formula that shouldn’t cause you any unwanted side effects.

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Lynn is a mom of 2 young kiddos (ages 5 and 7 / girl and boy). When she's not playing mom, she's hard at work, testing supplements and reviewing them. She loves sipping on a lemonade by the pool rocking out to 90s hits.

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