Reviewing Laird Daily Greens – A Great Formula With One Concern

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Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens is a really good formula that's designed for gut health first, followed by a convenient way to get fruits and veggies into your daily diet, and it has adaptogens that can help with stress.

In this review, I'll share my honest thoughts on Laird Greens, provide you my advice to maximize your benefits with it, I'll provide comparable products to consider that fit almost any budget, and I'll share with you my one concern - added fiber content.

Overall, a greens powder supplement is only as good as your every day healthy lifestyle habits. You can't expect a supplement like Laird Greens to take care of everything on its own. It should be paired with a healthy diet and strength training / exercise program.

BIG Takeaways That You’re Gonna Want To Know!

The price is in the middle of the road compared to other greens powders, it's not too expensive, but it's not cheap either. You're looking at a one-time purchase of $60 or subscribe and get the price down to $48 per month. Later in this article, I provide cheaper alternatives that you may want to consider.

Laird Greens is designed for gut health first with their prebiotic blend, which includes fiber from sweet potato, apple, blueberry and carrot. It's also designed for those who want to get a convenient serving of fruits and veggies everyday, as well as stress relief thanks to their adaptogen blend.

It has a citrus type of taste - kind of a combination of pineapple and lemon. It can be chalky at the bottom and grainy if you don't mix it well.

My only concern is the prebiotic blend that naturally adds extra fiber, which could cause excessive gas, bloating and diarrhea. For me personally, I stay away from supplements with fiber because my body doesn't handle it well, but if you and your doctor believe it can benefit you then this is a great option.

One of the few greens powders to include Vitamin D in their formula.

All About Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens

Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens is a greens powder formula that features prebiotic fiber, adaptogens and fruits and vegetables. After reading through the supplement facts label and doing the proper research, I do believe Laird Greens is a super healthy formula. The product is designed for 3 potential benefits - a healthy gut, fruits and veggies convenience, and stress relief.

laird prebiotic daily greens

Health Starts In The Gut

The formula is designed to help support and maintain a healthy gut, which is where a lot of our health begins from. This comes from the prebiotic fiber content.

For me, the extra fiber content can be a concern because too much fiber can cause excessive gas and diarrhea. So, be sure to talk to your doctor and see if you would benefit from the extra fiber. The good news is that Laird Greens' fiber content comes from natural foods. But, I am always cautious taking a supplement with added fiber content because my body doesn't handle it all that well.

Convenience Factor For Fruits & Veggies

Laird Greens is also designed to provide people an easy way to get a serving of fruits and veggies, especially those who don’t really like eating fruits and veggies. We all know we need the vitamins and minerals associated with fruits and vegetables, so greens powders like Laird make it possible and convenient.

In every serving of Laird Greens, there is 1+ serving of fruits and veggies, including:

  • 2 baby carrots
  • 5 leaves of kale
  • 8 leaves of spinach
supplement facts

Potential Stress Relief Thanks To The Adaptogen Blend

The last part of this designed formula is stress relief. Laird Greens jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and added functional mushrooms to their formula. Those mushrooms are Reishi, Shitake and Rhodiola Rosea - all ingredients that have been in numerous studies and have shown promise for stress relief, although more research is needed.

My Overall Thoughts On Purchasing Laird Greens

Currently, Laird Greens costs $60 for a one-time purchase. There’s also a subscription option at $48 per month. This saves you 20%, plus there are extra perks. For example, one perk is that you get 5% off every 3rd subscription order. I’ll provide the link below in the button so you can go directly to their official website and get the best price.

If you are someone who takes a multivitamin, a stress-relief supplement, and / or a prebiotic, you could end up saving money if you ditch all those supplements and replace it with Laird Greens. Essentially what Laird has done (and what most greens powder brands have done) is put all the important vitamins, minerals, and other key ingredients into one supplement. I like the idea of taking one supplement over 3 or 4 unless you and your doctor have decided you absolutely need a specific supplement.

If you're someone like me who doesn't do well with extra fiber, then Laird Greens is NOT for you.

So How Does Laird Greens Taste?

Let’s be real, none of us are going to choke down a terrible tasting greens powder supplement just for its “benefits.” Otherwise, you would just choke down your fruits and veggies every day and you wouldn’t need a greens powder supplement.

But, the good news is that most greens powder supplements actually do taste good - and this kind of just happened over this past year. I think brands figured out that you can add flavor to their product, which was desperately needed.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to try a plethora of greens supplements, such as AG1, Opti-Greens 50, Bloom Greens, Clean Simple Eats Greens, Enso Greens, Primal Greens… you get the point (I’ve been covering greens supplements for a VERY long time).

And now, I can add Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens as another greens supplement that I have tried.

As long as you follow Laird’s recipe, it mixes very well and tastes pretty good too. The recipe is to add 2 tbsp. of powder to a cup. Then add 8-12 oz of water and mix it up!

My initial thoughts after taking my first sip, was that it tasted like a citrus flavor, which makes sense because the formula has pineapple and lemon in it. It doesn’t taste too “greeny" although it looks very green. But that’s how most of these formulas are these days - they pretty much all taste good now.

How To Maximize Your Benefits With Laird Greens

I’ve been saying this for a long time, and I’ll continue to say it - supplements are only as good as your lifestyle habits.

In order to maximize the benefits of Laird Greens (or any greens powder supplement) you should adopt healthy eating and exercise habits on a daily basis.

A healthy diet that features high protein and a good balance of carbs and fats, while also avoiding fried foods, sweets and treats is the best advice I can give. Strength training (even if you’re a beginner) is so critical to building muscle, which will help build strong body composition.

Combining a healthy diet and strength training program with Laird Greens will maximize the benefits you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you just take Laird Greens and you don’t have these healthy habits in place, you won’t see many benefits, which then you’re pretty much wasting your money.

Here Are Some Other Greens Powders To Consider

There are so many greens powders out there to choose from, which means there are some very comparable alternatives to Laird Greens. I’ll provide you some options if price isn’t an issue, comparable pricing and formula, and a cheaper alternative.

If Price Isn’t An Issue…

Athletic Greens, also known as AG1, is the most popular greens powder supplement in the market. In fact, just about every new greens powder that enters the market automatically gets compared to Athletic Greens. For example, if you visit Laird Greens' shopping page online, you'll immediately notice that the only other greens powder they compare it to is AG1. It's because AG1 is the gold standard of greens powder supplements and everyone respects them.

They are backed by a medical advisory board and some really big influencers including Joe Rogan. In reality, AG1 is one of the most successful supplement brands in the direct-to-consumer space.

But with that gold standard status comes a higher price point. A one-time purchase price of $99 plus shipping is what you're looking at. You can also choose a single subscription for $79 per month. Remember, a one-time purchase for Laird Greens is $60 and the subscription price is $48 per month. Again, if money isn't an issue it's probably worth going for AG1 over Laird Greens.

AG1's formula compared to Laird Greens



Laird Greens

Vitamins & Minerals


Less than 75









Vitamin D


Comparable Pricing and Formula

1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50 has comparable pricing to Laird Greens. Opti-Greens 50 has a one-time purchase price of $69.99 or a subscription price of $59.99. It's about $10 more than Laird Greens overall. The formula is very similar - both have digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods. Opti-Greens 50 has probiotics in their formula, while Laird Greens has prebiotics.

Cheaper Alternatives

Primal Greens by Primal Harvest is probably one of the more affordable greens powder supplements out there. For a one-time purchase, you're looking at $49.95 and a subscription price of $39.96. That's much cheaper than any other greens powder mentioned in this article.

I personally have used Primal Greens - it tastes almost like an iced tea flavor. The formula includes almost everything Laird Greens has - superfoods, vitamins & minerals and a apoptogenic mushroom blend. The only difference besides price is Primal Greens has probiotics in their formula where Laird Greens has prebiotics.

There's also Bloom Greens that you'll want to keep on your radar for greens powder supplements that are super affordable, costing $39.99. Bloom Greens went viral on TikTok in late 2022 / early 2023. They kind of set the new standard for good tasting greens - Bloom Greens does taste very good compared to the rest, and they have several flavors to choose from.

And of course, one of my favorites - Clean Simple Eats Greens. Another affordable, great tasting greens powder supplements. CSE also has several flavors to choose from and they also only cost $39.99.

Pricing Table Comparison




Opti-Greens 50



















Review Summary

Overall, Laird Greens is a great formula and can really help supplement your diet if you think you're low on fruits and veggies. The added prebiotic fiber content is a little bit of a concern for me. I do like how it comes from natural food sources, but if you're someone who doesn't need that extra fiber then you may want to consider another greens supplement. Too much fiber could cause digestive issues (gas, diarrhea, etc.) - something you should talk to your doctor about if it's a concern. In my experience, I tend to stay away from supplements that have fiber because it doesn't work well with my body! But, if it's something that you and your doctor say you can benefit from, then Laird Greens is a great choice.

If Laird Greens fits in your budget, I say by all means go for it. If it doesn't fit in your budget, I provided some great alternatives for ya!

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