Hekate Cocoa Blend Review (Mushroom Superfoods)

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I'm excited to bring you my Hekate Cocoa Blend review, a daily functional mushroom superfood blend that is designed to start your day with extra energy. You can add it to a smoothie, cereal or a hot beverage.

Is hekate cocoa blend safe? What are the ingredients? Do they third-party test? And, how do they compare to other functional mushroom superfood blends?

I'll answer these questions using my experience covering supplements for over five years, as well as reveal some unbiased customer reviews of hekate Cocoa Blend daily functional mushroom powder.

Let's start with the key deciding factors before buying:

Key Takeaways and Deciding Factors

  • This product uses coconut juice powder in its formulation. Not only does this make it unsafe for people with a tree nut allergy, but it’s likely that you’ll get some of that coconut flavor coming through. Along with the functional mushrooms, you should prepare yourself that this won’t taste like your typical cup of cocoa.
  • Only four functional mushrooms are included in this product from Hekate, totaling 500 mg for all four together. This is actually a relatively low dose.
  • All of the functional mushrooms used in Hekate Cocoa Blend are organic, non-GMO verified and sourced in the United States.
  • This is a caffeine-free product. The only trace amounts of caffeine that could be included are from the cocoa, but this is a negligible amount.
  • You will need to use this product on a daily and ongoing basis in order to see its full potential. The Hekate brand doesn’t really explain this very well, but that’s how functional mushrooms work.
  • A one-time purchase is $39.99 for a 30-serving bag of product. This is a bit expensive for a functional mushroom-based, hot cocoa-based beverage.

Hekate Cocoa Blend Mushroom Superfoods at a Glance

Tennis court with three bags of Hekate cocoa blend

Hekate Cocoa Blend Mushroom Superfoods is designed to help you start your day with a dose of a nootropic blend of functional mushrooms and cocoa. It can be mixed into a hot or cold beverage; you can add it to a smoothie; or even sprinkle it on a bowl of cereal. There are four functional mushrooms in this product: chaga, lion’s mane, reishi and cordyceps. Hekate sources high-quality ingredients for their product lineup, which also includes capsules and sports drinks.

Hekate claims that you can use this cocoa supplement to accomplish a few different benefits. This includes restoring your mind and body so you can focus better, increasing your energy naturally, supporting a healthy immune response and protecting the body from inflammation and oxidative stress. The motivations for Hekate Cocoa Blend Mushroom Superfoods are athletes, performance and recovery.

What I Like

  • All of the functional mushrooms used for this product are USDA-certified organic.
  • There isn’t any caffeine in this product. While it is recommended that you start your day with it, you can take it whenever you want.
  • The blend of mushrooms used for Hekate Cocoa (reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane and chaga) consists of four very versatile and supportive varieties.
  • There are no added sugars in this product. Included are 0.5 grams of naturally occurring sugars.
  • Created by professional athlete Vasek Pospisil, these functional mushrooms helped Pospisil make the comeback of a lifetime. They’re proven to support the body and help with a variety of processes.

What I Don’t Like

  • It’s not optimal that this product isn’t allergy-safe.
  • There isn’t much sweetener added to this product. That earthy flavor of the mushrooms may be more than some people want to tolerate.
  • Hekate makes their product seem like you can use it and immediately experience full results, like energy. While you might see a little boost after using Hekate Cocoa, functional mushrooms work best when you use them regularly.
  • There are only 500mg of functional mushrooms in each dose of Hekate Cocoa Blend.

What Could Be Improved

  • There are more than 70 different adaptogenic ingredients that can be used in health supplements. Many of those are functional mushrooms. Only four varieties are used for this product. It would be nice to see a few more added to the formulation.
  • Sweetening the product up a bit might improve its flavor and make it more versatile.
  • The Hekate brand made the effort to source organic functional mushrooms for this product. However, they didn't include organic cocoa or organic chocolate flavoring.

What Can Hekate Cocoa Blend Be Used For?

Hekate cocoa blend bag being grabbed by a man in a kitchen

Hekate claims that you can use their Cocoa Blend in a hot or cold liquid to create a beverage, you can add it on top of cereal or oatmeal; or you can experiment with it in smoothies, baked goods and shakes.

This specific blend of functional mushrooms has the potential to increase your energy levels, decrease inflammation, improve your cognitive focus and even support digestion.

What are the Ingredients in Cocoa Blend by Hekate?

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane is a very popular nootropic that can be used to protect the brain from oxidative stress, support healthy cognition and improve memory and focus. It is safe enough that you can take it every day, even multiple times per day. It is typically very well tolerated but can cause a little bit of GI distress.


Reishi is a functional mushroom that has been used for centuries for all kinds of health benefits. It has been included in Hekate Cocoa Blend thanks to its ability to protect your body from the impact that stress can cause. It can promote restful sleep, support the body’s natural immune response and promote overall health and well-being.


Hekate totes chaga as being nature’s most potent antioxidant superfood. It is used to support digestion and immune support while decreasing bodily inflammation.


Cordyceps contain anti-inflammatory compounds that Hekate claims can help improve energy and physical performance. Taken in small doses, cordyceps are very well tolerated. When taken in larger doses than those included in this product, they can cause a bit of GI discomfort.

Also included in this cocoa blend by Hekate is coconut juice powder, monk fruit extract, cocoa and natural chocolate flavoring.

How Does Hekate Cocoa Blend Compare To Its Competition?

There are a number of functional mushroom beverages and products that are being used for similar benefits as Hekate. Let’s look at how Hekate Cocoa Blend compares.











Taste Rating:





Add powder to pretty much anything:




Mushroom blend:





Superfood blend:





Best for:

Focus, Performance, Recovery

Meal replacement


Mental clarity

Buy now:

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vs. Ka’Chava

Ka’Chava is a daily superfood product that is formulated to support your gut, brain, muscles, skin, hair and more. It has a much broader ingredient list than Hekate, including electrolytes, super greens, plant protein, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, adaptogens and herbs in each serving. The Ka’Chava brand embraces holistic health thanks to whole food ingredients like spinach, oats, chlorella, coconut, ginger, cordyceps, shiitake, chia and maqui.

vs. Laird Functional Mushroom Blends

The Laird Superfood Blend offers a number of products containing functional mushrooms that can help improve performance, increase your energy levels, support whole body health, reduce stress and increase your nutritional intake. They have a functional mushroom cocoa blend as well as functional mushroom coffees and super adaptogen drinks. They use many of the same mushrooms that Hekate uses.

vs. Om Mushroom Powder

Om has a Master Blend that contains 10 different functional mushroom species (including cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, chaga and lion’s mane) along with three botanical adaptogens (holy basil, astragalus and ginkgo biloba). These blends can help support immune function, elevate energy and vitality, alleviate mental stress and protect against free radical damage.

The Price Isn’t Too Bad

The current price of Hekate Cocoa Blend is $39.99 for a one-time purchase. You can save 15 percent by subscribing for deliveries everyone, two or three months. You can also choose between 30, 60 or 90 servings. It’s not the lowest-priced functional mushroom beverage out there, but it’s definitely not the most expensive either. You do get high-quality mushrooms in this product. Also, it’s pretty clean and simple. There aren’t fillers or artificial ingredients to worry about.

How Does It Taste?

If you’ve ever tried a functional mushroom beverage or product before, then you know that these mushrooms have a very earthy and distinct flavor. Some people don’t mind it, especially when the flavor of cocoa comes through as well. However, this product does mix well, and you can use it in a number of ways.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

Hekate Cocoa Blend currently has almost 120 reviews listed on the Hekate website. The majority of these reviews are five stars, with some four-star reviews also listed and just four three-star ratings. People find the taste to be pleasant, with most people using it in their morning coffee. The effects seem to be pretty subtle, with most people using it for a couple of weeks before really noticing any kind of subtle increase in energy. There doesn’t seem to be any unpleasant side effects reported.

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Is Hekate Mushroom Superfoods Legit?

hekate cocoa blend bag being held by a man

The four functional mushrooms that are used in Hekate Mushroom Superfoods have been used medicinally for centuries. They each provide a number of health benefits on their own but combining them together in this healthy beverage is ideal. Whether you’re simply looking to source healthy energy rather than consuming caffeine every day or you’re interested in some of the health benefits that functional mushrooms can provide, Hekate’s product seems legit. They have gone so far as to source their mushrooms organically. They also skip artificial or unnecessary ingredients. It’s not a crazy expensive product, so it’s worth trying a bag out to see how you feel when you use it regularly.

Get Your Diet Right First, Then Consider a Mushroom Superfood Blend!

A mushroom superfood blend is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s an excellent complement to a healthy diet, which we encourage you to figure out first. You can accomplish so many different health benefits from eating right, such as decreasing inflammation, regulating your gut and reducing inflammation. Using functional mushrooms from a product like Hekate Cocoa Blend is just another boost to an already healthy lifestyle.

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