I Tried Manna Lipo Lean For 30 Days, Here’s What It Did

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If you’ve been following my blog then you know I often talk about getting stronger in the weight room and bulking up. Well, I kind of tipped the scale about 4 weeks ago and went a little over my desired weight goal.

I didn’t want to cut back on calories or my macro intake. My goal is to get 215g of protein per day, which I truly believe is essential for my #gains.

So I was laying in bed a month ago trying to figure out how I’m going to shed some of the extra fat that I’m feeling and see on my body. I picked up my phone and started searching for some type of answer, and I came across Manna Lipo Lean. It was being marketed as a fat burner, but also an energy booster (almost as if it can be a pre-workout supplement). I thought to myself… perfect, this could work because I currently do not take a pre-workout.

I take a few Manna supplements already (like Manna CoQ10), so I know they’re a really good brand. I believe in liposomal supplements because my body absorbs it better.

The only thing left to do was to buy it. However, I was kind of on the fence because of the $69.95 price tag!

The reviews were all 4 and 5 stars, respectively - people were reporting fat loss within a couple weeks and more energy during workouts, but without the jitters.

After looking at other fat burners, I quickly realized that the price point wasn’t so bad after all. And, if I subscribed, I could get the price down to $55.96… not too shabby.

Manna Liposomal Lipo Lean was the fat burner I wanted to try, so I put it to the test!

Did it actually help me burn fat? Did it give me an energy boost in the gym? Could it help curb cravings of sweets and treats? And, did it help speed up my metabolism?

I’m going to answer these questions, share my results and my thoughts on Manna Lipo Lean!

How I Found Manna Lipo Lean

About a month and a half ago I was looking for a solution to shedding about 5 pounds of fat. I saw an ad on my social media feed from Manna on their Lipo Lean product. I already take a few Manna supplements, so I quickly went to their official website to check it out.

After reading the positive reviews and what it could do to help burn fat, I shopped around online for other fat burners from other brands. I noticed that many of them were priced about the same, some even more expensive than Lipo Lean. So, I compared and contrasted a few, and ended up going with Lipo Lean. I was saving anywhere from $10 - $30 - I can’t believe how much money some of these fat burners cost!

The Ordering and Shipping Experience

There are currently two places to purchase manna products - their official website or amazon. However, Lipo Lean is not available on amazon at the current moment.

So, I decided to purchase Lipo Lean at manna.com, their official website. I usually air on the side of ordering on the brand’s website because I feel more comfortable than purchasing on a third-party website. You just never know, and if anything goes wrong, I can take it up with the brand.

After ordering, it took a few days to ship and then about 5 days to get to my doorstep. It felt like a long time before I got it, probably 8 days from the time I ordered. Obviously I’d rather it come faster than that, but they did a good job keeping me up to date with emails so I knew when it was arriving.

holding the supplement box

How Does It Taste?

After opening the box I quickly learned that Lipo Lean comes in individual packets, which is pretty cool. The directions read you can take 1 packet by mouth daily or you can add it to water or juice. I decided to drink it straight from the packet.

The flavor is called Orange Zest and it actually tastes like a very natural orange-y type of flavor. Like almost all manna supplements, the aftertaste is a little tart-ish, almost sour. I have no problem taking it down especially if it gives me the results.

My taste rating: 4/5

holding the fat burner

Each individual packet is very lightweight.

Could Manna Lipo Lean Actually Help Me Burn Fat?

From my experience, taking supplements and wanting results is tough because you have to be patient. Some supplements (very rare) work right out of the box and you feel the effects right away.

With Lipo Lean, I really didn’t feel anything until after 5 days of taking it, which in the grand-scheme of things is pretty quick, but when you’re taking a supplement and not feeling anything, it can be tempting to quit and not believe it’s working. But, when I test supplements I commit to them for at least 30 days.

After day 5, I noticed feeling the benefits and after day 21 I had reached my goal of shedding 5 pounds of fat.

I can’t credit it all to Manna Lipo Lean though.

I really wanted to reach that goal… like really bad.

So every decision I made with eating food, working out, cutting alcohol, getting great sleep - all had an important role in the play I ran.

It was the combination of my diet, strength training, work ethic, sleep, hydration, no alcohol and Manna Lipo Lean that helped me shed my 5 lbs. of fat.

Energy Boost In The Gym: Did It Work?

On the 5th day that I took Manna Lipo Lean I noticed an energy kick and the timing was near perfect. I treated it like a pre-workout, and took it about 30 minutes before going into my garage gym. On day 7 (1 week in), I was getting consistent energy boosts during my workouts and felt like I didn’t want to workout without Lipo Lean - I was getting fired-up to get an extra rep in on my bench, squat and deadlift. It definitely works on the energy front.

Did It Help Curve My Sweets Cravings?

During my 30 days of taking Lipo Lean, I ate less treats and sweets. Now, I can’t necessarily say that it was Lipo Lean. I’m thinking it was more of my discipline in reaching my weight goal. Maybe Lipo Lean helped me stay away from the sweets, but I can’t be certain there. I had a burning desire to lose 5 pounds of fat and I think that’s what helped me succeed.

Metabolism: Did It Speed Up?

I kind of already have a fast metabolism, but I will say this - after about 2 weeks (or day 14) taking Lipo Lean, I could tell that my heart rate sped up during workouts (kind of more than normal), and especially sped up when doing supersets or high movement, high weight exercises. I would say that you can and should expect your metabolism to turn up a few notches if you decide to take Lipo Lean.

List Of Ingredients Used In Manna Lipo Lean

  • CLA
  • Citicoline
  • Organic Caffeine
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea
  • Grains of Paradise
  • Cayenne Pepper
supplement facts

69 calories per serving is something you want to consider

Other Thoughts About My Experience With Manna Lipo Lean

I finished my 30-day supply of Lipo Lean and I reached my goal of losing 5 pounds of body fat. I look leaner and I feel great.

Like I said before though, it wasn’t all because of Lipo Lean. My passion, dedication, drive and discipline with eating healthy and working out played a huge role.

I’m not sure you can get results with this supplement just by taking it and not putting in the work. I believe if you really want to shed some body fat, this is a great supplement to take along with eating a high protein, macro-friendly diet and committing to a strength training program. You can get results if you pair that with Manna Lipo Lean.

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