Is Flowerade Worth It? (In-Depth Review)

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This is my in-depth review of Flowerade, a brand that makes a bunch of CBD drink mixes. They also have a Delta-9 drink mix which is designed to give you a light buzz. I'll cover all the products they offer, as well as show some unbiased reviews, how they compare to some other CBD + THC brands and give you my opinion on if it's worth it.

I'm confident you'll find all the facts you need to know to make a decision on if Flowerade is for you, or not. Let's begin!

BIG Takeaways From My Flowerade Review

  • Hemp-infused beverage that contains 200mg of fast-acting nanoparticle CBD to help you relax.
  • Also contains electrolytes for optimal hydration.
  • This product contains stevia as a sweetener, even though the brand advertises honey as the main sweetening agent.
  • Expensive, priced at $64.97 for a one-time purchase. The price does drop by 30% with a subscription, though.
  • The liquid form of this product may increase bioavailability, resulting in faster results.
  • Comes in three different flavors, all with the same CBD dose.

About the Brand: Flowerade

Flowerade in three flavors

Flowerade combines the concept of a delicious beverage with administering a dose of CBD. Not to mention, electrolytes and minerals help hydrate your body, so you experience more balance with your nervous system, stress levels, sleep and more.

Flowerade uses natural ingredients to create unique flavor options. Lavender, honey, hibiscus and lemon are staples, using what Mother Nature has provided for their refreshing and calming products. There are no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners used in any of Flowerade’s items.

What Products Do They Offer?

Flowerade has a few different CBD- and THC-based products that they offer. Their Flowerade CBD drinks are popular, but they also sell Buzz Powder, which is a THC product that produces intoxicating effects that are much stronger than what CBD provides. Let’s discuss both options.

Lavender Kush Lemonade

Lavender Kush Lemonade combines real lavender with honey and lemon to create a soothing beverage for your body, mind and soul. Flowerade has added vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants, along with 20mg of CBD. In each serving are vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and sodium. The brand claims their product takes effect quickly, encouraging your entire body to relax.

If you’re interested in the hydration potential of this product, Flowerade contains four times the number of electrolytes that are in traditional sports drinks. They also claim that this product is naturally sweetened with honey but be aware that there is also stevia added.

Hibiscus Haze Tea

Hibiscus Haze Tea from Flowerade combines organic hibiscus flower with honey and green tea extract. It also includes 20mg of CBD in each serving, promoting relaxation and calm in an ideal summer drink. We can see ourselves sitting on the patio after a long day of work and drinking a glass of this beverage. This variety also includes electrolytes and vitamins such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Sweet Leaf

The Sweet Leaf CBD beverage from Flowerade takes sweet tea to a whole new level. Combining a moderate dose of CBD with a hydrating drink can help you wind down, recharge and relax. There are 20mg of CBD in each serving of Sweet Leaf, along with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Buzz Powder Vibe Delta-9

Buzz Powder Vibe Delta-9 is a honey-infused powder that contains 200mg of delta-9 THC. You can sprinkle it on or in anything, from a piece of toast to your morning cup of coffee. It even holds up to extreme temperatures, so you can bake or cook with it. Flowerade claims that its Buzz Powder can promote balanced relaxation and euphoria.

Buzz Powder Chill CBD

Similar to Buzz Powder Vibe Delta-9, Buzz Powder Chill CBD contains 500mg of nano CBD in a honey-infused powder. You can use this powdered supplement the same way you use Vibe Delta-9; by adding it to a beverage or into your food.

What I Like

  • Flowerade products seem to be quite natural. They don’t contain any artificial ingredients, and the brand uses high-quality CBD and THC to create pure and potent effects.
  • You can use the Buzz Powders in a lot of different ways.
  • Flowerade drinks contain just enough CBD to help you relax and unwind without making you feel tired or groggy.
  • 20mg of nano CBD provides fast-acting effects.
  • You can purchase singles if you want to be able to take your Flowerade on the go.
  • The larger containers of Flowerade beverages are pretty affordable (starting at $17.49).

What I Don’t Like

  • Stevia is used as a sweetener, and the brand claims they use honey as a sweetener. It’s slightly misleading.
  • We’re curious how well this product will blend with the liquid that you’re using.

My Notes on Improvements

  • You can purchase a three-pack of singles, but it would be nice to see singles sold in a larger box and then offered at a discounted price. You could take your singles on the go with you whenever you want.
  • There does not seem to be any discounts available when you purchase multiple products of the same flavor.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

Flowerade doesn’t include any product reviews on their website, unfortunately. However, you can look online to see some independent reviews of the Flowerade CBD drinks and the Buzz Powder. Generally speaking, people seem to enjoy the convenience and taste of these products. Also, the dosages tend to be adequate. If you’re looking for something that will have more of an effect on you, you’re probably not looking for a CBD or THC beverage or powder.

The time it takes for Flowerade products to take effect is something most reviews mention. A common experience is very fast side effects upon consumption, providing you with an almost-instant chill.

Flowerade products don’t appear to be for sale on Amazon at this point in time.

How Does Flowerade Compare to Its Competition?

There is no shortage of CBD, THC and hemp-based products to consider. Here are some of the alternatives to Flowerade.

Five CBD THC + CBD Seltzer

Five CBD has a THC and CBD seltzer that provides 2mg of THC, 2mg of CBD and additional cannabinoids in each can. There are currently three flavors available: guava passionfruit, black cherry and grapefruit. Each flavor comes in a pack of six cans.

Five CBD THC + CBD Seltzer uses non-organic natural flavors for their products, but there is real sugar included (only eight grams per can). Each can only contains 40 calories. The reviews on the Five CBD website are all very positive, with people raving about the taste, effectiveness and lack of grogginess the next day.

Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews

Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews contain 50 mg of CBD and 3 mg of THC in each dose. The dosage information indicates that you can take ½ to 1 full gummy at a time to help you relax. You should wait two hours before you take any additional doses. While the amount of CBD and THC in this product is higher than what you’ll find in Flowerade, this is still a pretty low dose. The Tommy Chong CBD brand claims their product can be used to help you relax, improve your quality of sleep and support whole-body health.

Galaxy Treats Delta-9 Moon Babies

Moon Babies Delta-9 Gummies contain delta-9 THC, which is highly intoxicating compared to delta-8 and CBD on its own. Each dose contains 10mg of hemp-derived, Farm Bill-compliant delta-9 THC. This is a gummy-based product (grape punch-flavored), which unfortunately contains both corn syrup and sugar. If you don’t mind that fact, it’s a tasty product that seems to take effect pretty quickly, according to online reviews.

Who Should Try Flowerade?

Flowerade provides a mild dose of CBD or THC by way of either a drink or powder. The effects are subtle, so it’s ideal for someone who simply wants to take the edge off or relax a bit after a long day. If you appreciate a tasty beverage but want to elevate what it can do for you, Flowerade is something worth considering.

Who Shouldn’t?

Avoid taking Flowerade products if you work somewhere that uses periodic and random drug testing. Even if the THC levels of a product are within the legal limit of 0.3 percent THC, this can still result in positive result.

Don’t use Flowerade products if you have to drive or operate heavy machinery.

You should try your Flowerade products at home for the first time, even if you’ve taken CBD or THC before. This will give you a good idea of how you respond to these products.

How Much Does Flowerade Cost?

mason jar vase and flowers on a table with flowerade lavendar kush lemonade

Flowerade products vary in cost. You can purchase each of the brand’s teas for $24.99 as a one-time purchase. You can save 30% by signing up for a subscription. You can also save money by purchasing a three-pack of Flowerade Lemonade, Sweet Leaf and Hibiscus Haze Tea. The cost is $49.99 for all three.

If you’re interested in the brand’s Buzz Powder, the price is currently $29.99 for the Chill CBD version and $24.99 for the Delta-9 THC variety. You can purchase the individual singles (a three pack) for $5.99. The individual packets are a bit more expensive, but it’s nice to have the convenience of being able to take Flowerade with you when you travel away from home.

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