Superfood Tabs Review: Pros, Cons and Is It Legit?

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As you're probably already aware, Superfoods Company has a best-selling supplement called Superfood Tabs. When arriving on their product page, it's easy to see the 21,000+ customer reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating. However, over at amazon, there are 5,900+ reviews and a 3.9/5 star rating.

So, which one is it? Is it a 4.5/5 or a 3.9/5? What are the unbiased customer reviews like? How does it compare to similar supplements? Who should try it, and, who shouldn't?

I'll answer these questions honestly, in my own opinion. I'll also present the facts so you can decide for yourself if Superfoods Tabs are legit.

BIG Takeaways From My Superfoods Tabs Review

  • Contains 15 different superfood ingredients, resulting in a very unique blend.
  • This isn’t a cheap product. For a 30-day supply, you can expect to pay $79.95. At the time of writing this review, the price had temporarily dropped down to $59.96 if you subscribed to regular deliveries.
  • Superfood Tabs are created with both men and women in mind to potentially reduce bloating, curb cravings and burn calories.
  • Some of the ingredients make more sense than others. For example, milk thistle can act as a full-body cleanser, which can help you shed some bloat, waste, etc. Lemon balm is a natural stress reliever, which may or may not impact the potential benefits that the Superfoods Company boasts.
  • Comes in three different flavors, including mixed berry, peach mango and strawberry lemonade.
  • The brand claims to have over 10,000 5-star reviews. However, they don’t give you the option to filter through these so-called reviews. There are some listed, but you can’t head straight to the lower ratings to see what people really thought.
  • The product label doesn’t disclose that there is stevia in this product. However, the Superfoods Company website says that they use stevia to sweeten their tabs.

Superfood Tabs Product Description

pink powder bomb behind superfoods tabs bundle

Superfood Tabs include a variety of superfoods that are designed to provide your body with essential nutrients and potential benefits. The brand claims that you can use their product to drop pant sizes, decrease bloat and curb cravings. They have a little gimmicky of a marketing angle, but let’s keep an open mind.

There is a good deal of information available on the Superfoods Tabs but it’s a little unorganized. They provide some basic information for each superfood that is included in their product, but it’s limited. Some of it tends to make more sense for a supplement such as this, but others stand out as being questionable as to why they were included at all. Pomegranate has high levels of antioxidants and lemon balm can reduce stress, but we wish that the Superfoods Company would explain why that would be beneficial for the potential benefits that they’ve talked about on their website.

The product comes as tablets that you dissolve in water. They create a fizzy drink that provides you with access to certain superfoods that are unlikely to be part of your daily diet, such as milk thistle, pomegranate, lemon balm, matcha, burdock root, elderberry and ginger root.


  • Superfood Tabs are convenient to take on the go with you. You can easily consume one at work or after the gym, as long as you have water with you.
  • The ingredients in this product are full of beneficial nutrients. That much we can’t deny. Whether or not they will help you lose weight or decrease bloating is in question.
  • The flavor options are diverse.
  • This product has the potential to decrease bloat, boost your metabolism and increase your energy.


  • This product contains caffeine. This varies from 40mg to 100mg, depending on which variety you choose.
  • It’s expensive, even if you’re purchasing through a subscription.
  • The company’s website could be more transparent and descriptive.

Is It Legit?

The Superfoods Company claims that their Superfood Tabs have a five-star rating from more than 10,000 customers. We can’t confirm whether that’s true or not. However, a little investigative work into the different ingredients used in these tabs demonstrates that this product has potential. Some of the ingredients simply provide a boost in antioxidants. Other ingredients, such as wheat grass, can support a healthy digestive process. Green tea provides you with calm energy while also decreasing inflammation throughout your body.

In theory, Superfood Tabs may be able to help you lose weight and regulate your GI system better. Its formulation is unique, but there are some key ingredients that have been used for a very long time thanks to their known medicinal properties.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

We read through some of the reviews that are listed on the Superfoods Company website, but we also took to the internet to see what else is out there. We’ve found some of the most unbiased reviews to help you understand Superfood Tabs better.

Some of the reviews that we read express that a person’s bloating got worse when using this product. It’s likely this is a reaction to one of the ingredients in the product, but this disproves the potential benefit of Superfood Tabs decreasing bloating. Other people claim this product didn’t provide them with any kind of benefit or result. They felt nothing when using it. It appears you should use this product with caution, especially if you’ve never been exposed to one or more of the ingredients used.


There didn’t seem to be any reviews that stated that the tabs didn’t dissolve well. They seem to do their job pretty quickly, resulting in a carbonated beverage that you’ll want to drink down shortly after making it. Otherwise, the carbonation is lost, and it doesn’t really taste as pleasant. For some people, the carbonation was something that they didn’t like about Superfood Tabs.


There are three flavors of Superfood Tabs available. This includes mixed berry, strawberry lemonade and peach mango. The mixed berry variety includes 40mg of caffeine per serving, while the other two options provide 100mg of caffeine per dose.

This product is flavored with non-organic natural flavors, so expect a little bit of an unnatural taste.

How Does Superfood Tabs Compare to Its Competitors?

If you’re looking to fill nutritional gaps in hopes of regulating your GI system and boosting your ability to lose weight, there are some other alternatives to consider.





Superfoods Tabs

$85, but if you subscribe you can get that price to $59.96

Superfoods detox and cravings killer


Starting at $79

Superfoods + greens powder



Superfoods + greens powder

at Bloom or amazon



Superfoods meal replacement shake

Click to read more on other products Vs. Superfoods Tabs

Vs. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a superfood green powder created by Chris Ashenden that contains 75 different ingredients. It’s designed to fill nutritional gaps in your diet by way of four different proprietary blends. This includes a nutrient-dense superfood complex, herb and antioxidant blend, digestive enzymes with super mushrooms and dairy-free probiotics. Ashenden had spent many years dealing with issues relating to his gut, so you can rest assured that this formulation has been created with care.

Vs. Bloom Greens and Superfoods

Bloom Greens and Superfoods is made using 30 different nutrients, such as organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics, fiber and more. The Bloom brand claims you can use this product to soothe your GI system, regulate your bowel movements and fight back against inflammation throughout the body. There are five different flavors of Bloom Greens available, including coconut, citrus, original, mango and berry.

Bloom Greens is broken down into seven proprietary blends. This includes a fiber blend (chicory root, flax and apple powder), green superfood blend (barley grass powder, wheatgrass, spirulina and alfalfa), a pre- and probiotic blend (blue agave inulin and three strains of beneficial bacteria), a fruit and vegetable blend (kale, carrots, beets, ginger, blueberry and broccoli), and antioxidant blend (tart cherry, raspberry, matcha green tea, goji berry and elderberry) and an adaptogenic blend of ashwagandha, licorice root extract, ginseng root, astragalus root powder and eleuthero root powder.

Vs. LyfeFuel Superfoods Shake

LYFE Fuel Daily Essentials Nutrition Meal Replacement Shake has the potential to boost your energy and mood, fill in nutritional gaps and support your weight loss journey, according to the Lyfe Fuel brand. This product’s formulation contains a variety of beneficial nutrients, such as A, C, D, E and K. Unfortunately, Lyfe Fuel goes well over the daily recommended allowance for certain nutrients, such as B12, while others are below the recommended amounts.

LYFE Fuel contains proprietary blends such as an organic greens blend, a digestive enzyme blend and a probiotic blend. Ingredients include alfalfa, sour cherry, blueberry, strawberry, cabbage and spirulina.

Who Should Try Superfood Tabs?

on the go women using superfoods tabs

Before trying Superfood Tabs, think about what you’re trying to accomplish. If you are hoping to achieve what the brand claims their product can provide, it may be worth a shot to see if these ingredients are what you need. That being said; don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. This supplement has the potential to help you lose weight and decrease bloating if you are eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

Who Shouldn’t?

Avoid using Superfood Tabs if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in this product.

If you tend to experience side effects from stevia, stay away from this product. Unfortunately, stevia is used to sweeten these tabs, but the brand doesn’t disclose this on the label. You have to find that information on the website.

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