Review of Mind Well Co. FOCUS Support Capsules: Good for ADHD?

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In this article, I'm going to review Mind Well Co. FOCUS, AKA NeuroFlow, a nootropic supplement that is designed for people who have ADHD symptoms. I'll give you the good and the bad, as well as summarize the unbiased customer reviews. You'll also want to check out my comparable competitors section to see how Mind Well Co. FOCUS compares to its competitors!

Remember to always consult your doctor before taking nootropic supplements.

BIG Takeaways From My Mind Well Co. FOCUS Review

  • Tons of great minerals known to boost brain health.
  • Proprietary blend is full of non-pharmacological nootropics.
  • Levels on some of the core minerals are a little weak.
  • Capsules aren't the best delivery system for bioavailability.
  • Price is a commitment.
  • Made in the USA, which is always great to see.

Product Description

Nootropic supplement neuroflow focus bottle

Can a supplement really help you achieve improved focus in 90 days? That's the claim behind NeuroFlow FOCUS by Mindwell Co. In fact, this is the holistic ADHD solution used by people who are seeking ways to enjoy better focus and memory while living with the "scattered mind" symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Let's cover some basic supplement facts before getting into the "magic" of this product. NeuroFlow is a cruelty-free, vegan product that's made at an FDA-approved facility in the United States under stringent quality standards. This next part is where things get interesting with this supplement.

In addition to offering some standard vitamins and minerals that have solid track records with improving mental and cognitive performance, this blend contains nootropics.

While "nootropics" can easily be dismissed as a buzzword if you're someone who has heard more than a few supplements ads, nootropics are actually very different from some of the "snake oil" ingredients found in many energy drinks and supplements. In fact, stimulant-based nootropics are actually in many prescription ADHD medications.

"Nootropics are a diverse group of medicinal substances whose action improves human thinking, learning, and memory, especially in cases where these functions are impaired," according to a 2022 report on nootropics as cognitive enhancers. In the case of NeuroFlow, you'll be taking non-pharmacological nootropics derived from plants. That's why this is a prescription-free ADHD supplement.

While we'll dive deeper into the formulation in just a bit, it's important to mention that this supplement is rich in several key minerals. Many people suffering from brain fog and lack of focus are unknowingly living with mineral deficiencies. Iron, manganese, and zinc are three of the essential minerals that the brain needs to stay focused. It should come as no surprise that these three minerals are the core ingredients in NeuroFlow.

Unbiased Reviews

According to the Mind Well Co. website, 84% of people with ADHD report a steady increase in focus after 90 days of taking NeuroFlow. This is a pretty incredible claim. To get an idea of the type of results people are having after taking this supplement, it's important to dig for some real, unbiased user reviews.

There are two big takeaways to be gained from reading reviews. The first is that this product really does help to increase mental sharpness and clarity. The second is that patience is required to see results.

The consensus among reviewers is that results are not instant. Most only noticed brain fog lifting after several weeks of consistently taking this supplement.

While most reviewers did see positive results in cognitive performance, this product doesn't necessarily increase energy levels. It seems much more potent when it comes to providing a "brain boost" instead of boosting overall vitality. Of course, focus may be all you're actually looking for if you're struggling with ADHD-like symptoms.

Not everyone who reviewed this product had life-changing results. Many reviewers shared that they experienced "slight" boosts in mental focus and clarity. Of course, there's no shortage of reviews claiming that this product has helped to increase focus and memory beyond expectations.

The good news is that very few reviewers were actually disappointed with this product. None that I saw mentioned negative side effects.

The bottom line is that reviews reveal that this product can help you to stay alert, focused, and productive throughout the day if you're currently suffering with cognitive dips.

What's to Like?

First, the clean formulation consisting of non-GMO ingredients is impressive. It's also a good sign that the brand lists every single product ingredient. You'll also see amounts and daily values posted right alongside all of the crucial ingredients. While Mind Well Co. doesn't post amounts for each ingredient in its proprietary blend, it does post all of the ingredients. This level of transparency isn't something you see with every supplement brand.

The price is also likable. While nobody would call this supplement cheap, it's still much less expensive than many other "focus" blends on the market today. I'll get deeper into price in just a minute.

What's Not to Like?

While this blend is comprehensive, a quick glance at the core list of vitamins and minerals reveals that almost everything in this supplement is something you can get from an ordinary daily vitamin. Only the proprietary blend consisting of nootropics makes this product notable.

Finally, it's a shame that Mind Well Co. didn't make this product in a liquid or lipid-wrapped form to increase bioavailability. Like all capsule supplements, this one won't be digested in a way that allows your body to absorb and use 100% of what you're paying for with this supplement.

My Notes on Improvement

As I shared above, I'd love to see this in a liquid form that allows the ingredients to be absorbed directly by the bloodstream. It also looks like they use soy for the capsule shell. While I don't have a huge problem with that, I'd love to have this made as an allergen-free supplement instead.

The Formula

This supplement puts all of the brainpower minerals in one spot! While the draw of this product is its proprietary blend of nootropics, the truth is that someone suffering mineral deficiencies that are causing brain fog is likely to see results just based on the fact that they will be getting mineral levels to where they need to be. It's all icing on the cake after that. I'm going to run through the research behind the core ingredients in the Mind Well Co. formulation really quickly.

Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and biotin are all important for cellular function and regeneration. It's great to see them in the formulation.

I'm more interested in the 10 milligrams of zinc that offer 91% of the daily value (DV). ADDitude Magazine shares that some studies have shown that people with ADHD may naturally have lower levels of zinc. There's also a fair bit of research regarding the benefits of zinc for ADHD.

"A study of ADHD treatment with zinc sulfate as a supplement to methylphenidate showed beneficial effects of zinc supplementation in the treatment of children with ADHD," according to research.

Iron is another important ingredient for fighting brain fog and ADHD symptoms. We even know from research that higher prevalence of iron deficiency is a strong predictor of ADHD in children.

I was disappointed to see that this formula offers just 6% of the DV for iron. The totals for magnesium (12% of DV) and manganese (17% of DV) are also pretty low. However, seeing 95% of DV for selenium helped to redeem this formulation in my mind.

"Deficiency in the level of selenium and boron entering into the structure of the antioxidant enzyme system can lead to ADHD and other psychiatric disorders by damage to the brain tissue related to free radicals," according to one published study. I'll note that the boron mentioned in this study is also included within this supplement's proprietary blend. The 240% of DV of vitamin B5, 706% of B6, 250% of B1, and 78% of B3 are also very encouraging.

B vitamins are essential for healthy function of the brain and nervous system. In fact, a B deficiency is one of the most common causes of brain fog. It can also lead to anxiety.

Of course, I can't skip the proprietary formulation that makes this supplement more than just a list of vitamins and minerals. L-glutamine, green tea extract, L-tyrosine, DHA, N-acetyl, GABA, and cinnamon bark extract are just some of the heavy-hitting ingredients I see. While it's hard to go into detail for every one, nearly every line of the proprietary blend is filled with substances proven to support brain health, cognitive performance, DNA production, and mood.

How Does NeuroFlow FOCUS Compare to Its Competitors?

There's no denying that this category is filled with some pretty high-level products. Where does NeuroFlow FOCUS land? Let's break it down.











Alpha Brain





Troomy Focus










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Vs. Alpha Brain

Most people consider Alpha Brain to be the best supplement for improving mental performance. I happen to also be a fan of this product.

The big difference here is that NeuroFlow offers a more comprehensive formula. While Alpha Brain offers an exceptional blend of carefully curated nootropics, it doesn't contain the vitamins and minerals in NeuroFlow FOCUS. My thought is that Alpha Brain could be the better option if you're strictly looking for nootropics to boost your brain because you're already taking a comprehensive daily vitamin.

Vs. Troomy FOCUS

I'll start by sharing that Troomy FOCUs is about half the price of NeuroFlow. If you don't like capsules, these tasty gummies could be great. However, this is strictly a nootropic product that offers the famed lion's mane mushrooms that are known for delivering brain-boosting benefits. There are no other ingredients to complement the lion's mane. Troomy's gummies won't be much help if your brain slump is caused by mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Vs. Natural Stacks NEURO FUEL

NEURO FUEL has an interesting formulation that combines artichoke leaf extract, vitamin B6, acetyl-L carnitine, L-phenylalanine, and the extract of a plant called Coleus forskohlii. While these ingredients aren't commonly used together, Natural Stacks claims that they form a powerful nootropic concoction that improves memory, fuels cognitive function, and zaps brain fog. Like Alpha Brain and Troomy FOCUS, this product is strictly a nootropic supplement. That means that it could be a great pick for sharpening brain function as long as your underlying issue isn't a mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Read full review

The Price is Steep, is it Worth it?

Let's talk honestly about the price of this supplement. You'll pay $44.99 for a 30-day supply when purchasing a single bottle. The subscription price is $38.24 per bottle.

While that price is certainly a commitment, I don't think it's out of bounds by any means. The reason why is simply because this is an extremely comprehensive formula. It may even be enough to replace your current daily multivitamin.

It's important to look at paying for this product from the perspective that it can provide you with increased productivity. How much would you be willing to pay to work faster, get things done without constant distractions, and do your best thinking? While I'm not saying this is a magic pill that will suddenly give you superhuman powers, I am saying that people who see results from this product would probably pay triple the amount gladly once they see what life at full speed actually looks like!

Another point is that taking NeuroFlow FOCUS could be significantly cheaper than using prescription ADHD medications for some people.

Who Should Try Mind Well Co. Focus?

3 month supply of neuroflow focus

This product might be worth trying if you are suffering from brain fog that is causing you to be less productive than you know you can be. If you're struggling to maintain focus through the full workday, this supplement could be great for getting over mental humps. This product may also be appropriate for someone who suspects that they have ADHD.

Who Shouldn't?

Products containing nootropics generally aren't recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some research also suggests that young adults with a history of mental health or substance use disorders could be at particular risk of adverse effects from use of nootropics. If you're currently being treated for ADHD, talk to your care provider before pursuing a holistic option like this.


Is Mind Well Co. Focus Safe?

This product is generally regarded as safe for most people when used as intended. It's important to know that all nootropics can create adverse reactions that include sleep disturbances, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure. Talking to your doctor before starting this supplement is recommended. The makers of this product claim that it should not produce any side effects. My research into real reviews supports this claim.

Is It Third-party Tested?

While Mind Well Co. produces NeuroFlow Focus in an FDA-approved facility in the United States, I wasn't able to locate information regarding the company's testing practices.

Do Nootropics Work?

There's a large body of research backing the claim that nootropics can be effective for treating cognitive issues. In fact, researchers are increasingly recommending non-pharmacological nootropics for the treatment of ADHD due to their safety and efficacy.

Combine Mind Well Co. Focus With Regular Exercise and a Healthy Diet

There's no way to cheat nature even if you're using natural, plant-based nootropics to fortify your brain. The way to get the best results from NeuroFlow Focus is to make this supplement a part of a routine that consists of exercise and healthy eating.

While there are many studies confirming the benefits of exercise for mental health, this one from 2020 specifically covers the potential benefits of both acute exercise and long-term exercise interventions for patients with ADHD. Here's to exercising your mind with nootropics without neglecting the rest of your body!

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