1st Phorm Magnesium Supplement Review: Is It Legit?

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When I'm feeling stressed out, I sometimes turn to a magnesium supplement.

Now, I don't get stressed all the time, but as an entrepreneur, life can be hard AF! I do cold plunges to help my mental state, which has worked very well, I read books that help move my business forward, and I relax by the pool in my spare time.

There are really only a few supplements that I like to take for relaxing. There's 3 total:

  1. Feals CBD + THC Gummies
  2. Tommy Chong's Cheech & Chong's Cruise Chews
  3. and 1st Phorm Magnesium

I'm going to give you my unbiased review of 1st Phorm Magnesium. And, just because I take it, doesn't mean you'll like it too. I found that a lot through reviewing supplements for over 5 years, and getting feedback from my readers. There are always a lot of options / alternatives out there, which I'll cover later in this article.

I'd like to start with the key points and deciding factors you need to know about before purchasing 1st Phorm Magnesium.

Deciding Factors & Key Points

  • 1st Phorm doesn’t offer an unflavored option for this product. If you’re using it in the evening for sleep, this might be something you’re not happy with.
  • Each dose contains your daily value of magnesium (420 mg).
  • Processed in a facility that contains many of the major allergens, such as nuts, shellfish, milk, eggs and sesame. This product likely won’t appeal to the food allergy demographic.
  • Contains stevia and non-organic natural flavors - this could be bad for some people, and good for others.
  • 1st Phorm uses high quality ingredients and manufactures their products according to very high standards.
  • Contains magnesium from various sources, which maximizes potential benefits such as supporting strong bones, cardiovascular health and promoting relaxation.
  • 1st Phorm doesn’t explain how much of each form of magnesium is in a single dose.

1st Phorm Magnesium at a Glance

A candle and plant next to 1st phorm magnesium powder

1st Phorm’s product line contains a powerful multi-source magnesium powder supplement that provides you with your full daily serving of magnesium. Magnesium contributes to many different bodily processes, both at an enzymatic and cellular level. There have been studies that show magnesium’s role in bone health, cardiovascular health and even sleep. You can use it to support healthy muscle contractions, to turn your food into energy and to regulate brain neurotransmitters.

One scoop contains 420 mg of magnesium, and you simply mix the product into water or any other beverage you want. There are 90 servings in each container. 1st Phorm recommends that you take their magnesium supplement in the evening, so it can help you unwind and relax before bed, which is exactly what I do, but I don't do it every night.

What I Like

  • It’s great that 1st Phorm has chosen to make this supplement with different types of magnesium. This increases the potential for benefits, and it really sets this supplement apart from its competition. We’ll take a look at what exactly is included later on in this article.
  • Reviews state that the flavors are very tasty. It’s nice that there are four options.
  • You get 100% of your daily requirement of magnesium from one serving of 1st Phorm Magnesium.
  • 1st Phorm doesn’t market this product as being for sleep, but magnesium can be very powerful for helping you unwind, relax and get some rest.
  • One small scoop of product supports hundreds of essential chemical processes in the body.
  • It’s affordable, especially when you take into consideration that it contains multiple sources of magnesium and is made with high-quality ingredients.

What I Don’t Like

  • Flavored options are great, but it would be nice to see the non-organic natural flavors removed and replaced with something healthier.
  • Stevia is included.
  • There isn’t an unflavored option available.
  • Subscribing for regular shipments only saves you 8.75 percent per order.

What Could Be Improved

  • It would be great if 1st Phorm could offer an unflavored option for this supplement. Most brands include something unflavored with their other varieties, and it’s nice for people who don’t want anything sweet or strong.
  • The one-time purchase price of $39.99 definitely isn’t the highest price point we’ve seen for a supplement, but it’s a bit high for just magnesium. It would be nice to see bigger savings for subscribing or a price drop overall.
  • 1st Phorm makes a lot of claims on their website about the benefits of magnesium. It would be nice to see some studies performed on their product or just references to studies in general.
  • Some reviews say it takes a little mixing to get the magnesium to fully dissolve in the liquid. Maybe something could be done to make it a more mixable substance.

What Can 1st Phorm Magnesium Be Used For?

The question may be, “What can’t you use 1st Phorm Magnesium for?”. 1st Phorm focuses on three main benefits, which we will take a look at here. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of processes that the body performs every day that require adequate amounts of magnesium.

Cardiovascular Health

There are a number of ways that magnesium can support a healthy heart. It’s essential for maintaining a healthy heart rhythm. If you have dealt with issues relating to an arrhythmia, you may want to talk to your doctor about using magnesium on a regular basis. Magnesium also helps your blood vessels relax, which can lower your blood pressure naturally.

Bone Health

Magnesium helps to maintain a healthy bone density, which can decrease your risk of osteoporosis. It activates something called calcitonin, which is a hormone that helps preserve bone structure by drawing calcium out of the blood and back into the bones.

Physical and Mental Relaxation

In order to wind down physically and mentally, magnesium can be used to block some of the stimulating neurotransmitters that keep us alert. It binds to our calm and restful receptors to help us feel more relaxed. This effect can improve sleep and reduce stress levels. However, magnesium doesn’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning if you’ve taken it before bed.

What Are the Ingredients?

We talked a bit about 1st Phorm Magnesium which contains magnesium from multiple sources. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of what this supplement is made of.

Dimagnesium Malate

This is a combination of magnesium and malic acid that has been linked to a number of health benefits, such as reducing chronic pain, improving your mood and preventing migraines. It has also shown promise for improving symptoms associated with acid reflux and indigestion. Dimagnesium malate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium.

Magnesium Oxide

As an inorganic salt of magnesium, magnesium oxide contains very high amounts of magnesium. Unfortunately, it’s not as bioavailable as some of the other types of magnesium that 1st Phorm has included in their supplement. Magnesium oxide is very beneficial as a treatment for headaches. It can also help prevent constipation and treat anxiety. This is one of the more common forms of magnesium that you’ll find in supplement form, with many brands simply choosing to include magnesium oxide as their sole form of magnesium.

Magnesium Aspartate

Magnesium aspartate is commonly used when you have been diagnosed with a magnesium deficiency. It provides benefits associated with lowering your blood pressure and supporting muscle function and nerve function.

Magnesium Bisglycinate

Existing as a magnesium salt of glycine, magnesium bisglycinate is often used to prevent leg cramps, lower blood pressure and even treat menstrual cramps. It’s very safe and has been used by pregnant women to prevent pre-eclampsia.

Magnesium Glycinate Glutamine Chelate

One of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, magnesium glycinate glutamine chelate, is magnesium bound to an amino acid. It’s very gentle on the stomach, so it’s beneficial if magnesium tends to really get your GI system moving.

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium citrate is considered a saline laxative that can increase the amount of fluid in your small intestine. While we don’t know exactly how much of each form of magnesium is included in 1st Phorm Magnesium, it’s likely at a low enough level that it will simply support your GI system and not cause discomfort or extreme bowel movements.

Other ingredients include natural flavors, stevia leaf extract, silicon dioxide, citric acid and monk fruit extract.

How Does 1st Phorm Magnesium Compare to Its Competition?


1st Phorm

Transparent Labs













Magnesium Oxide:




Wild Berry, Chocolate Sea Salt, Peach Ring, Strawberry Kiwi 

N/A (Capsules)

N/A (Tablets)

N/A (Capsules)

Taste Rating:





Helps Most With:

Mental and Physical Relaxation

Muscle Recovery and Sleep

Promotes better sleep

Promotes better sleep

Buy now:

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Vs Transparent Labs ZMO

Transparent Labs ZMO Muscle Recovery and Sleep Support Formula is essentially a magnesium supplement that also includes oyster meat powder and zinc. This brand only includes magnesium glycinate chelate in their product. Designed for athletes that push themselves to the extremes, ZMO Muscle Recovery and Sleep Support Formula is marketed for everything from immune support to sexual health. It addresses many of the bodily processes that 1st Phorm does with their product, just without a multi-source formula.

Vs Truvani Magnesium

Quality is similar between Truvani Magnesium and 1st Phorm Magnesium. This product is made using mineral-rich magnesium compounds that exist in the waters of the Dead Sea and is marketed as being supportive of a healthy night’s sleep. It contains magnesium oxide, which we mentioned is one of the more common forms of magnesium used for supplements. The nice thing about Truvani’s products is that they focus on very safe and high-quality ingredients.

Vs Primal Magnesium

Primal Harvest’s Magnesium supplement is affordable and contains three different forms of magnesium (magnesium citrate, magnesium malate and magnesium magnesium glycinate) at a dose of 310mg (that’s 74 percent of your daily value). Also included are 8mg of zinc. Primal Harvest claims their product offers many of the same benefits that 1st Phorm’s supplement does (relaxed state, cardiovascular support and bone health).

The Price Is a Bit High!

As mentioned, the price of 1st Phorm Magnesium is a bit on the high side. It costs $39.99 for a one-time purchase, and this is a 90-day supply. Subscribing brings the price down to $36.49, which isn’t a major saving. You do have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time, so this might be the best option if you’re looking to save a little money.

How Does It Taste? What Are The Flavors to Choose From?

There are current four different flavors available for 1st Phorm Magnesium. This includes:

  • Wild Berry
  • Peach Ring
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Chocolate Sea Salt

This is a nice variety of flavors, with the chocolate providing a more rich option than the other fruity inclusions.

Reviews claim that all of the flavors are really delicious. There doesn’t seem to be a large number of reviews that express the flavor as being overly sweet or strong, but 1st Phorm doesn’t include how much stevia or monk fruit they’ve included.

For me, I love the taste of 1st Phorm Magnesium. As you can see in my images, I use the Peach Ring flavor and I really like it.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

There are over 1,200 reviews listed on the 1st Phorm website, with the Magnesium powder supplement having a rating of 4.9 stars out of five stars. It appears a large number of people have made this product part of their nightly routine to help them unwind and relax before bed. A bonus is that it provides a lot of overall support for your body and health. It has helped people sleep better, decrease muscle spasms and aches, prevent migraine headaches and improve their mood. Most people feel very refreshed in the morning, not having experienced any kind of “magnesium hangover” or grogginess.

Is It Worth It?

1st phorm magnesium supplement being held by someone

While the price point may be a little on the high side, it’s important to remember that you’re getting multiple sources of magnesium in one supplement. If this were a supplement that just contained the typical magnesium oxide, then I would say it’s not worth the cost. However, you can accomplish a lot with just a single daily dose of 1st Phorm Multi Source Magnesium Powder.

Be Sure to Eat Healthy and Exercise While Taking A Magnesium Supplement!

A magnesium supplement can help support many of your bodily processes and functions, but it’s also really beneficial if you pair your supplement with a healthy diet and exercise. We can source magnesium from the foods that we eat, but many of us aren’t getting enough from our diet alone. When leading a very active lifestyle, we need that added magnesium to maintain an exceptional level of health.

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