Laird Performance Mushrooms: A Godsend For Energy Without Jitters

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Being an entrepreneur and a father of two little kids, I often find myself lacking energy towards the middle of my day.

I’m a coffee drinker and most likely will always be one. But, I only drink one cup of coffee per day and I do that early in the morning to start my work day.

Recently I’ve been searching for some kind of energy “pick-me-up” for the afternoon that’s also non-caffeinated. Too much caffeine doesn't make me feel good.

I wrote about and tried other mushroom supplements, including mushroom gummies, mushroom coffee and even mushroom spray. They’ve all been pretty good for me, but some of them are really expensive.

After shopping around one night trying to find an answer to my afternoon tiredness, I came across Laird Performance Mushrooms. It had all the functional mushroom ingredients I was looking for and it was priced at $25 for a one-time purchase, which is much cheaper than many other mushroom supplements. The reviews were also very positive, for the most part, with a rating of 4.7/5 stars and over 1219 verified customer reviews and 85 questions answered.

So, I decided to give it a try and see if it could provide the energy boost I was looking for during my afternoons.

Could Laird Performance Mushrooms Provide The Energy I Needed Without The Jitters?

Eager to try this supplement, I decided to purchase it on Laird’s official website - I like buying supplements from the brand’s website over third-party websites (like amazon, walmart, etc.) because I know 100% I’m dealing with the brand and no one else. If there’s an issue, I can take it up with Laird Superfoods.

As mentioned earlier, the price point at $25 for a one-time purchase seemed very affordable, especially compared to many other mushroom supplements. If your purchase isn’t over $50, you have to pay for shipping, which is $6.95. So, my total purchase price was just over $30 - not bad at all.

supplement container

It arrived at my home about 4 days after I ordered and in the afternoon - great timing! I immediately put it to the test.

I mixed it with water the first time and it was really hard to drink. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste. It’s kind of earthy and chalky. But, I downed it as fast as I could.

I knew in the back of my mind that I would need at least 7 days to start feeling any effects.

But, to my surprise I actually started feeling more of an energy boost after 5 days. And then I thought to myself, if I felt this energy boost after 5 days of taking Laird Performance Mushrooms, what would day 30 feel like?

Laird Mushroom powder was working and I wasn’t getting the jitters or a late crash - I was excited, but there was one hurdle I had to jump over.

What To Mix Laird Performance Mushroom Powder With? Water Isn’t Cutting It For Me

The one thing I had to fix though was how I was taking the supplement. I was mixing it with water and I just didn’t feel like that was the way to go. Just tough to take down.

So, when I read through the reviews, I noticed that a previous customer also had the same issue. This particular customer noted that he mixed his mushroom powder with his greens supplement.

I take a greens powder supplement (sometimes I use AG1 and Laird Daily Greens) so I thought this could work for me too. So the next day I mixed my Laird Mushroom powder with my greens powder, and, lo and behold, it was actually quite easy to drink!

If interested, check out my honest review of Laird Prebiotic Daily Greens!

If you read through other reviews, many people take their Laird Mushroom powder and mix it with their morning coffee, while others mix it with plain water, smoothies, tea, or their favorite beverage of choice. I will continue to play around with it, but just know that 1 serving is 1 teaspoon, so it really isn’t all that much powder.

List of Ingredients In Laird Mushroom Powder

  • Organic Chaga Mushroom
  • Organic Cordyceps Mushroom
  • Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  • Organic Maitake Mushroom
  • Calcium (23 mg)

If you are unsure about the side effects with any of these ingredients, you should always speak to your doctor before consuming the supplement.

Other Key Notes About Laird Mushroom Coffee

  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Natural taste, no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee
  • There are 45 servings per container, one serving size = 1 teaspoon


The one-time purchase price is $25 for a 3.17 oz bag. The one-time purchase price for a 4-pack of 3.17 oz bags is $95, which comes out to $23.75 per bag. Not really a huge savings if you decide to bulk order.

The subscription option is $20 per month, which also comes with some added perks.

Shipping is a flat-rate fee of $6.95 if your order amount is below $50. If you’re above $50, shipping is free.

What I Really Like About Laird Mushroom Powder

  • Small portion! The 1 teaspoon as a serving size is really nice - it makes it not that powder-y, and you can mix it with pretty much anything you’d like.
  • I can definitely feel the benefits of this product. I have more energy throughout my day and no caffeine jitter feeling.

Things That I Think Can Be Improved

  • The taste is earthy, which I know some people like. However, I feel like they can improve the taste.
  • I don’t have the best luck with my powder dissolving in my coffee, so I continue to take it with my greens supplement.
  • Sometimes it tastes a bit gritty or grainy, I’d like to see the product be improved in that aspect.

Final Review Thoughts

Overall, Laird Performance Mushrooms is an affordable and effective mushroom supplement. After taking it for 30 days, I can tell you that it does work for me in terms of providing that extra energy boost during my afternoon hours. The taste is average, but if you find the right drink to mix it in, you can barely notice.

At $25, it’s really one of the cheaper mushroom supplements out there, and it’s also one of the more simplistic formulas, which I believe is the driving force behind why it works.

If you decide to get it for yourself, please drop a comment below and also share if it has worked for you!

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