Cruise Chews vs Moon Babies: Delta-9 THC Gummies Showdown

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First and Foremost

These brands did not gift me their products. I paid for them myself because I wanted to try them out. I was curious just like you are.

Can these things really work like they say they do? Or, is it a complete joke / waste of money?

This comparison of Cheech & Chong's Cruise Chews Vs. Moon Babies by Galaxy Treats is as legit as it gets! I tried them both for over a month and I'm ready to share my experience.

BIG Takeaways From Comparing Cruise Chews Vs. Moon Babies

moon babies and cruise chews on my desk
  • THC Gummies are Pretty pricey! This can be an expensive "habit" - my advice is to only use once in a while. I'm not your dad, but use responsibly and try not to get addicted to them, or it will cost you!
  • These supplements are in the beginning stages of distribution. We don't know the true side effects yet, which means we're all taking a risk if we purchase and use them.
  • Be extremely careful to not take more than the recommended dosage, both Moon Babies and Cruise Chews take some time to kick in, but once they do it's heavy.

Introducing Cheech & Chong’s Cruise Chews

cheech and chong's cruise chews

The Cheech & Chong brand may be a blast from the past if you’re familiar with the duo’s movie history. Their Cruise Chews are a Detla-9-based product that provides the potential to relax and chill thanks to a potent 50 mg of CBD and 3 mg of THC. You have a little freedom with how you take this product. You can start with a low dose of ½ gummy, working your way up to 1 full gummy if you really want to achieve deep relaxation. Just make sure that you wait two hours between taking any additional gummies.

If you compare Cruise Chews to some of the other CBD- and THC-based products that are on the market these days, these gummies contain a mild dose of CBD and THC, but just enough to provide effective results. Cruise Chews can help you relax and unwind without causing any kind of exhaustion or intoxicating effects. Cruise Chews are ideal if you don’t want to feel overwhelmingly groggy.

The Tommy Chong CBD brand makes the claim that they make their gummies from the best hemp plants in America. Gentle methods of extraction result in a highly potent and effective product. It’s recommended that you take these gummies in the evening to promote restful sleep.


  • Contains a mild dose of CBD and THC that can promote relaxation without feeling overly intoxicated.
  • This product has a high customer rating on the brand’s website (4.9 stars).
  • The Tommy Chong brand uses gentle extraction methods that are safe and produce a high-quality product.


  • Better information on the brand’s website would be nice. They’re somewhat transparent, but there’s a definite lack of information.
  • It’s a somewhat expensive product, priced at $69.95 per bottle (30 servings).
  • You have the potential to fail a drug test if you’re using this product, so avoid it if your employer utilizes this testing.

Cost and Where to Buy

The cost of Cruise Chews is $69.95 per bottle. You can order it directly through the Tommy Chong website. The price is sometimes discounted, so you may be able to grab a deal.

Introducing Moon Babies Delta-9 THC Gummies

galaxy treats moon babies

Moon Babies Delta-9 Gummies utilize the power of Delta-9 THC to produce calming effects. Each dose of Moon Babies contains 10mg of hemp-derived, Farm Bill-compliant Delta-9 THC. They are grape punch-flavored; however, the brand does use corn syrup and sugar to sweeten their products. It’s a pretty affordable product, especially if you’re comparing the price of Moon Babies to the price of Cruise Chews. The cost is just $24.99 for 20 gummies (marked down from $34.99).

Galaxy Treats is known for producing some very potent products that provide substantial effects. There are limited reviews listed on the brand’s website, but you can find information across the internet that expresses the effectiveness of products such as Moon Babies. There are other variations available as well, including ones with CBD and Delta-8 THC.


  • Delta-9 THC is the key ingredient in this product, which can produce some pretty potent results.
  • Moon Babies are very affordable compared to other similar CBD and THC products.
  • Each dose contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.
  • Derived from pure hemp, providing a number of potential benefits.


  • The sugar content is high, and the flavor of this product may be a little overwhelmingly sweet for some people.
  • This product can provide intoxicating effects, especially for those who have never tried Delta-9 THC. Use it with caution when it’s your first experience.
  • This product can affect blood pressure, heart rate and intraocular pressure for some people.

Cost and Where to Buy

Galaxy Treats Delta 9 Gummies are pretty affordable, priced at just over $1 per gummy. The cost is often discounted to $24.99 (from $34.99). You can save an additional 15% when you subscribe.

Comparison Section of Moon Babies Vs. Cruise Chews

Let’s break down exactly how Cruise Chews and Moon Babies compare to one another. By looking at specific details, you can make an educated decision about which product is more optimal for your situation.

gummies side by side

Comparing Effectiveness

While both of these products seem to be very effective, we think that Galaxy Treats has the better THC gummy. We’re fans of their manufacturing process and where they source their ingredients. With 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC in each dose, most people will find Moon Babies to be plenty effective.

Comparing Taste

Companies have come a long way with the different types of THC and CBD products that they’re releasing. Instead of having to take a flavorless tincture or capsule, a gummy is a sweet treat that gets you started on the path to relaxation.

Both Cruise Chews and Moon Babies are gummy based. Cruise Chews have a fruity flavor that comes from the natural flavors of cherry, orange, lemon, apple and pineapple. There are two grams of sugar in each dose.

Moon Babies are grape punch-flavored gummies that are made using artificial flavoring.

Both products are sweetened using real sugar, with Moon Babies also containing corn syrup.

Comparing Price and Number of Gummies Per Container

Cruise Chews are the more expensive product choice by a substantial amount. There are a few extra gummies in each container (10 to be exact), but the price reflects a much higher cost. Thirty Cruise Chews gummies cost $69.95 per bottle. You can order it directly through the Tommy Chong website, which often features a discounted price point.

Moon Babies are currently priced at $24.99 (down from the original price of $34.99). You can save an additional 15% on each order when you subscribe to regular deliveries. We’ve noticed that the discounted price has been featured on the Galaxy Treats website for a while now.

Main Differences Between Moon Babies Delta-9 and Cruise Chews

While at first glance it may seem like Moon Babies Delta-9 gummies and Tommy Chong gummies are very similar, there are some main differences that we want to make note of. To start with, their formulas stand out to us. The Tommy Chong brand has a bit more natural of an ingredient list compared to Galaxy Treats Moon Babies, which uses a number of artificial ingredients (including flavors and colors).

The dose of each product is different as well. In each Cruise Chew, you get 3mg of Delta-9 THC as well as 30mg of CBD. Moon Babies from Galaxy Treats contain 10mg Delta-9 THC in each gummy. There isn’t any CBD included.

Which is the better THC Gummy: Cruise Chews or Moon Babies Delta-9?

From the perspective of brand transparency, we find that both the Tommy Chong brand and Galaxy Treats could improve their transparency. More information on their websites regarding what their product contains, why it’s used and the potential benefits you can get from their products would be beneficial for someone who is trying to determine what kind of Delta-9 THC product they want to try.

If we had to choose one of these products as the better option, we would go with Moon Babies Delta-9. It’s a more potent product, providing the potential for a deep sense of relaxation and calm. It has a higher dose of Delta-9 THC in it, so you can have confidence that this product is going to be beneficial, even if you’ve taken THC before and think that you have a tolerance.

Neither of these products contains more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC or CBD per serving, so they are both compliant in that regard. Galaxy Treats has skipped the CBD in their product, which might be something you want from a THC-based product. A lot of people are looking for the calming effects of THC, though CBD can also be beneficial in a number of ways. You may not want to skip it, which would make Cruise Chews the more preferred option.

Which One Do I Like Better?

After taking Moon Babies and Cruise Chews for over a month, I have to say it's a close call, but I definitely like Moon Babies (particularly their Tropical Kush Delta 9 gummies) better than Cruise Chews.

Here's 3 reasons why (from my experience):

  1. 1
    The effects last longer and I only needed to take half a gummy!
  2. 2
    Zero headache the next day! With cruise chews, I had a very slight headache, but I did notice it and it thew me off. I can't have that because I'm up early ready to get to work on more supplement reviews!
  3. 3
    I feel like Moon Babies are much more affordable

Cruise Chews are still really good and they work great!

The Bottom Line Is This: You really can't go wrong with either, but I wanted to share my experience with both Cruise Chews and Moon Babies. I hope you enjoyed!

Now it's your turn to go enjoy your THC gummy of choice. Will it be Moon Babies or Cruise Chews? Leave a comment below and let me know which one you go with!

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