Primal Greens Review: Did It Work?

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Watch the video below to see my experience and review of Primal Harvest Greens. For context, this is my third round of it. I also took AG1 3 times, as well as Opti-Greens 50, Bloom Greens, Clean Simple Eats Greens and Laird Daily Greens (you'll see those in the video as well). I also provided my simple 4-ingredient Primal Greens Smoothie recipe that you can download for free as a PDF, it will help you take down your greens and also has protein in it!

Rating Primal Greens


Primal Greens is the closest greens powder you can get to AG1, but half the price. I like the taste, but I don't LOVE the taste. I've noticed improved digestion. This is due to the probiotic and digestive enzyme blend. I've also noticed a stronger immune system, due to the green tea leaf and adaptogen blend.

What I like

  • The taste is on the sweeter end. It kind of tastes like Iced-Tea, but not as good. It's not great but it's do-able.
  • My digestive health improved.
  • My immune health improved, I didn't get sick as much during the duration of taking it.
  • The price is very affordable compared to most greens supplements.



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Questions My Readers Are Asking Me...

Below are the most common questions that our readers ask me. Instead of answering hundreds of emails, I will answer these questions right here. Of course, you can still message me on YouTube, TikTok or email me if you have additional questions.

What benefits, if any, did you experience taking Primal Greens?

After taking 3 bags of Primal Greens, I have noticed two main benefits:

  1. Better digestive health - this is most likely due to the probiotics and digestive enzyme formula. My bowel movements were more regular and I experienced less bloating after over-eating on occasion.
  2. Stronger immune system - this can be credited to the ingredients such as green tea leaf, acerola cherry extract and the mushroom blend. My kids get sick all the time from school, but when I took the 3 bags of primal greens for 3 months, I didn't get sick one time (knock on wood).

As a result with a healthier gut and immune system, I noticed having more energy throughout the day on some days. It's not a miracle worker by any means, but these are benefits that I have noticed after a large sample size (3 months).

Is Primal Greens better than Athletic Greens (AG1)?

primal greens and AG1

It's not easy answering this question. However, based on my experience taking 3 bags each of AG1 and Primal Greens, I'll provide what I think is better, and it all depends on what you're looking for.

Primal Greens is better than Athletic Greens if you want good digestive health benefits and a strengthened immune system at half the cost of AG1. Primal Greens costs $49.95, while AG1 costs $99. Primal Greens may also be a great fit for you if you don't want a super-complex formula. AG1 has many more ingredients in their greens powder.

AG1 is better than Primal Greens if you want even better digestive health benefits and also to replace your other supplements, as Athletic Greens contains probiotics, prebiotics vitamins and minerals. It has the potential to replace your multivitamin and probiotic supplements. Athletic Greens is also NSF Certified for Sport, which can give athletes peace of mind as it is not on the banned list of substances in most competitive sports organizations.

I created a table of comparable greens powders that I've tried over the years.

Product Name

One-time price

Subscription Price

My Taste Rating

My Benefits Rating

Primal Greens


$39.96 per month





$79 per month



Opti-Greens 50


$59.99 per month



Bloom Greens


$35.99 per month



Kiala Greens


$37.46 per month



Laird Greens


$48 per month



How do you like the taste of Primal Greens?

To me, when I mix Primal Greens with water, it tastes like an Iced-Tea type of flavor, but not nearly as good as Iced-Tea. Most greens powders I've tasted are earthy and don't taste very good. I drink them for the potential benefits that I might receive.

When I mix Primal Greens with my Protein powder, frozen fruit and almond milk (my Primal Greens smoothie recipe), it tastes pretty good. I can barely taste the greens. Download the recipe here (it's free and no email required at this time).

Pricing Breakdown

Purchase Type


Daily Cost

Annual Cost

Savings on Subscription

One-time purchase


$1.67 per day

$599.40 per year

No savings

Monthly subscription


$1.33 per day

$479.52 per year

$119.88 savings

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