I Tried Manna CoQ10 For 30 Days, Here’s What It Did

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Manna CoQ10 is a unique CoQ10 supplement because of its liposomal delivery method. Automatically, it differentiates itself from the traditional capsule supplements.

I remember when I first heard of CoQ10 from Dr. Kara MD’s product line, as he offers a CoQ10 capsule supplement, and I used to cover his products.

I was intrigued with the claimed benefits of CoQ10, specifically improved exercise performance and aging (yeah, I’m getting gray hairs and I’m not even 40 yet). There was also a claimed benefit on heart health and a boosting of immune strength, which I like the sound of that too!

And since I love lifting weights, working out, and fitness in general, I thought this would be a great opportunity to put Manna CoQ10 to the test.

Did it actually help improve my performance in the gym? Did my heart health improve? Is my immune system getting a boost? How about aging… Do I feel or look younger??? What did I notice differently after taking Manna CoQ10 for 30 days?

I’m going to answer those questions and share my results and thoughts on Manna Liposomal CoQ10!

How I Found Manna CoQ10

I have covered quite a few of Manna’s supplements and I currently take their curcumin for inflammation in my ankle, collagen for hair growth and sleep to get more restful sleep. All three of the Manna supplements that I take flat-out work. Naturally, I was browsing their website

holding the manna CoQ10 bottle

The Ordering and Shipping Experience

I always lean on the side of ordering supplements from the brand’s website over a third-party website, like amazon. The reason why I like to do that is because I know 100% I’m getting the product from the brand, and if there are any issues, I can contact them directly.

Ordering from their website was super simple and they didn’t try to upsell me a bunch of other supplements. After the order went through, it took a few days to ship and a few more days to physically get to my house. I was put off by the delay and I wish their shipping was a bit faster, but it is what it is.

Visit Manna's website

Could Manna Liposomal CoQ10 Help My Performance In The Gym?

It finally arrived and I was eager to try it. There are a few ways in which you can take the supplement since it’s in liquid form. I had the option of mixing it with a beverage of choice or straight up taking a tablespoon of it. I decided to go with the ladder.

The flavor is raspberry delight. After taking my first serving, it tastes good, but not great. It’s a little sour and has a bit of an aftertaste. However, I thought to myself I can do this for 30 days no problem, especially if I get the benefits!

what the liquid looks like

After day 5 I started noticing more energy, specifically having a bit more endurance during my strength training program. After day 10 I felt like I could get an extra rep on my heavy bench press and squat days. And on day 30 I really noticed feeling energized and motivated to workout. My bench press numbers increased as well as my squat and deadlift numbers.

It’s important to note that I eat 215g of protein per day because my goal is to bulk up to 215 pounds. I am able to consume this amount of protein per day with whole foods, protein powders, high protein snacks, protein desserts, etc. I also take a creatine supplement. I get plenty of sleep and drink at least a gallon of water per day.

Heart Health: Did It Improve?

It’s hard to measure if my heart health improved after taking Manna CoQ10. However, in the past I have struggled with heartburn, and I can’t remember the last time I had heartburn since taking Manna CoQ10… maybe it’s working?

Other than that, my heart rate goes up normally when I’m doing a superset or a move like a curtsey lunge with heavy weights, and it slows down when I’m relaxing. Everything seems to be normal on that front.

Did It Boost My Immune Health?

Before taking Manna CoQ10 I had a runny nose, some coughs and other cold-like symptoms. I have two kids and they went back to school in August, so they brought back sickness. I will say this though - Since taking Manna CoQ10 I have not (knock on wood) gotten sick. Maybe… just maybe, CoQ10 does help strengthen the immune system.

Aging: Do I Feel or Look Younger?

As far as looking younger, my wife has not complimented me on that front LOL so I’m assuming that doesn’t hold true. Feeling younger, on the other hand, I can say that I do feel younger. I cannot say that it’s because of this supplement. I work very hard on my diet and exercise. I eat healthy, high-protein foods with a healthy balance of macros in general. I also dedicate portions of my days to strength training. I believe that’s why I feel younger. On the other hand, there is a chance that the CoQ10 helps, but it’s not the sole reason.

Other Thoughts About My Experience With Manna CoQ10

I straight up paid for my bottle of Manna CoQ10. This is not a paid post or sponsorship. As I told you before, I already take 3 of their other supplements. I will be adding CoQ10 as the 4th and will continue to buy the product. Sometimes I go on and off every other month because they can get pricey.

Overall after 30 days of taking Manna CoQ10 I was very impressed and happy with my results. Thanks to Manna I rarely have inflammation in my ankle (curcumin), I sleep well (sleep complex), and my hair is healthy (collagen). Now, my immune system appears to be getting stronger and my performance in the gym is 100% better - all thanks to one my new favorite supplements - Liposomal CoQ10 by Manna.

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