Iota Supervitamin Body Wash Review: Is it legit?

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When I heard there was a super vitamin body wash, I had to check it out. Usually body washes don't have prebiotics, probiotics, superfoods, and vitamins in their formula, until now at least...

Iota Supervitamin Body Wash is the product that intrigued me, only because of its formula and the potential skin health benefits it may have from using it.

Definitely a unique product, and I'll give you my honest feedback - the good and the bad... no holds barred here at Legit Supplement Reviews. You're either going to scoop it up or keep it moving.

Let's start with the key deciding factors before buying!

Key Deciding Factors Before Buying iota Supervitamin Body Wash

  • The price of this product isn’t immediately available on the website when you’re reviewing the details. You have to add the product to your virtual cart in order to see that it costs $23 per bottle.
  • iota claims that their Supervitamin Body Wash can help with collagen support. However, it’s difficult to support collagen production topically.
  • This product contains a chemical fragrance with added natural ingredients, though iota claims it is EU-compliant.
  • Some people may have a reaction to the tocopherol in this product. Common reactions include redness, swelling and itching.
  • This product is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and PEGs.
  • Superfood ingredients such as pineapple, blackcurrant and passionfruit can help brighten, heal and nourish the skin. These are ingredients that aren’t found in a lot of daily-use products.

Iota Supervitamin Body Wash at a Glance

iota supervitamin body wash with full packaging

If you’re looking to ditch that bar of body soap that you’ve used for so many years and upgrade to something that moisturizes, nourishes, heals and strengthens your skin, iota Supervitamin Body Wash is an option to consider. Iota is different from a lot of skincare and body product brands in that they use ingredients that aren’t typical. For example, a lot of their products contain probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to support a healthy surface-level microbiome. This Supervitamin Body Wash contains Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate, which can improve skin tone, reduce redness and heal irritation.

Other beneficial ingredients in iota Supervitamin Body Wash include vitamin C, antioxidants from pineapple and blackcurrant extract and passionfruit. Vitamins A, B9 and E potentially provide collagen support, which can help protect your skin from signs of aging. Vitamin B3 can help with any skin irritations and flare-ups that you have, such as redness, body acne, etc.

Unbiased Customer Reviews

The majority of the reviews for this brightening body wash that iota includes on their website are very favorable. However, there are a few unbiased reviews that claim the consistency of the product is very thin and watery. When you invest in a body wash that’s pretty expensive considering how quickly you go through a product like this, it’s disappointing to hear that it isn’t highly viscous. A review stated that the scent wasn’t very strong, and that was something they weren’t happy about. This factor could be negative for some people who are looking to really apply a strong scent to their bodies. Personally, we like lightly scented products that aren’t irritatingly strong.

Some three-star reviews on the iota website express that while this body wash works to get the skin clean and refreshed, it doesn’t appear to be providing any noticeable differences compared to other body washes. Some people have reported experiencing dry and itchy skin when using this product, despite not really having sensitive skin.

There are positive reviews that really rave about this product’s ability to support skin health. You can view some of those reviews by visiting iota’s website.

What I Don’t Like

  • Fragrances that aren’t solely from natural sources are something that we try to avoid. Chemical fragrances, even when they contain some natural ingredients, can be very unhealthy and irritating to the skin and sinuses.
  • The consistency of this product is pretty thin. This can often mean you have to replace it more often because you have to use more to initiate a thick lather.
  • Price transparency is something that is preferred. Having to add the item to your virtual cart makes you wonder if it’s going to be overpriced.

What I Like

  • There are a lot of really great nutrients in this Supervitamin Body Wash+ (20 in total). Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins B3 and B9, antioxidants and vitamin F are all included to potentially brighten the skin and help decrease inflammation and irritation.
  • A lot of reviews claim that this product is very hydrating, and that’s also a common claim that iota makes about this body wash.
  • This product can potentially support your skin’s microbiome for healthier skin overall.
  • iota claims their Supervitamin Body Wash+ can help you repair your skin barrier.
  • This body wash has been dermatologist-tested.

Room for Improvement

  • If you really end up loving this iota body wash, you may be refilling it frequently. It only comes in a 10-ounce container. A larger option or a refill would be a nice option to reduce your plastic usage and help you save a little money on something you use daily.
  • Since the brand is already using natural ingredients to develop their fragrance, we would love to see iota make the switch completely over to a naturally scented product line.

Breaking Down iota’s Supervitamin Body Wash Formula

iota supervitamin body wash bottle and box surrounded by included ingredients

There are a lot of great ingredients included in iota Supervitamin Body Wash+. Let’s take a look at what you get for your money.


There are 20 different superfoods and vitamins included in this product. Some of the superfoods that can help strengthen, brighten and heal your skin include pineapple, blackcurrant, passionfruit, aloe, kahai seed oil and lemon peel extract.


Included in the featured multivitamins are vitamins A, B9 and E for collagen support and vitamin F as an anti-inflammatory.

Prebiotics and Postbiotics

Iota takes the unique approach of including prebiotics and postbiotics in their body wash to support a healthy skin microbiome. These ingredients can reduce irritation caused by allergens and exposure to other irritants.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3 and vitamin C have been included for brightness and radiance.

The Price is Reasonable, but is it worth it?

You could purchase a bottle of body wash at the store that’s priced under $5 for the same 10-ounce-sized bottle as iota Supervitamin Body Wash+. However, you’re not getting any of the nourishing ingredients that you can find with the iota line. This product is currently priced at $23, with a 15% discount available if you sign up for recurrent deliveries. To some people, this isn’t a major investment at all.

If you think about it, it’s really important to develop a healthy skincare routine early on. This helps your skin look healthy and radiant well into your 50s, 60s and beyond. You may want to try this product to see how long a single bottle lasts. If you only use a little bit and are able to work it up into a substantial lather, it might go further than you think before you need to reorder.

Comparable Products to Consider Over iota Supervitamin Body Wash

Are you wondering what other products are available that can provide you with similar results as iota Supervitamin Body Wash? Here are some of the alternatives:



Blu Atlas


Salt & Stone

Prebiotics + probiotics:








Click to read more about other products Vs. iota Supervitamin Body Wash

Vs. Blu Atlas Body Wash

Blu Atlas body wash is made with high-quality ingredients that are designed to nourish and hydrate your skin. Some of the key ingredients in this product include aloe vera, green tea extract, coconut and sugarcane. It can be worked into a really luxurious lather that cleanses and calms the skin.

Vs. Uni Body Wash

Skin Shield Body Wash by Uni is made using a plant-based surfactant that cleanses the skin without stripping away any of its essential oils. It contains Uni’s Marine Complex, which is a blend of Australian botanicals that helps you develop a protective skin shield. This prevents hydration and signs of aging. It’s a bit expensive, priced at $33 for each 12.5-ounce bottle.

Vs. Salt & Stone Body Wash

This is a limited-edition product from Outdoor Voices and Salt & Stone. It’s designed to be a very gentle gel cleanser that contains nourishing ingredients such as seaweed and antioxidant-rich botanicals. It’s a relatively affordable product, priced at $36 for a 15.2-ounce bottle. Because this is a limited-edition product, no discounts are available.

Who Should Try iota Supervitamin Body Wash?

If your current body wash or soap just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to upgrade what you’re using on a daily basis. Iota Supervitamin Body Wash is an option you may want to consider. It’s really important that you wash away all of the dirt, allergens and toxins that you’re exposed to on a daily basis. In addition to cleansing the skin, it’s beneficial to use certain botanicals and nutrients to promote healthy and strong skin. There are a number of supportive ingredients in iota's product line.

Who Shouldn’t?

If you’re allergic to or sensitive to any of the ingredients in this product, you should avoid using it. If you’re worried about a sensitivity reaction, you should do a spot test before using it all over your entire body in the shower.

Is iota Supervitamin Body Wash Legit?

Iota is a very reputable brand that produces some very high-quality products. The ingredients in their Supervitamin Body Wash+ product have been studied in great detail, so we know that they have the potential to provide your skin with a lot of healthy support. Iota makes a lot of claims regarding their body wash, and really only you can determine if it's going to be right for your skin and skincare routine based on the information that's available.

A lot of people pay close attention to their facial skincare routine, but it’s just as important to consider the rest of your body as well. Iota’s Supervitamin Body Wash is a legit option if you are happy with its formulation and feel it would be beneficial for your specific skin type.

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